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I saw blue Tiffany glasses and purchase them from tradesy. Once I receive the glasses they were black at the top and blue at the bottom with the glasses were suppose to show 2 types of blue. It only showed 1. I contacted tradsey and becaused i used affirm to pay they sides with the seller that the photo was accurate and no refund for me just a store credit. Honestly that picture was not accurate and I would have purchased something again from... Read more

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I have sold over 50K on Tradesy and I am done and finished with them. My last two sales they said "were not authentic" and as a result, I am out 1200.00 in sales. They know nothing about authentication. I authenticate Louis Vuitton's and I don't buy or sell fakes.I am losing money what with them agreeing with any buyer who decides to make a claim and them refunding the buyer and taking my money. I would have a better time on Ebay. Tradesy has ... Read more

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Tradesy returns department are a bunch of incompetents. If a buyer returns an item, guess what?? They pull your funds. They are now questioning the authenticity of my item that someone purchased stating they are not sure of its authenticity. Here is a hint..Take an authenticity course and learn what is authentic and what is not! I am supposedly a Pro seller on Tradesy and they always take the buyer's word for everything that is returned. They... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 22
  • #905443

No sales in months. Just had a sale for a 10 dollar sweater and the buyer had to pay 8.50 shipping. No wonder no traffic on there anymore. Then I go to get my money because it shipped and now 21 days! WTF. When did this happen?? Quick payment was the last redeeming quality of this pathetic company. I'm done. Been doing very well on other sites

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 20
  • #904414

Have had no sales on Tradesy for over a month pisssdsd

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Good site. Bought a bag much cheaper than other online stores. Item looked like new! Good shipping too. Bag came quickly. The bag is perfect and i got more that 70% off the retail price. The seller was good, they shipped on time and the bag was just as they described it. I would recommend. It's a good site, worth buying from. I didn't talk to anyone at the company, but there was no need to as everything went smoothly. I love my new bag. Affirm... Read more

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Been a Tradesy fan for a number of years, both as a buyer and a seller. In the past year, they have completely slide down hill as far as getting resolutions resolved through customer service. It seems like when I contact customer service via phone, they are bothered and annoyed by no matter what your inquiry or issue is. Sometimes I have to follow up more than once or your issue gets pushed aside in the abyss! This is very frustrating for those... Read more

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After getting frustrated with Ebayers getting awarded with receiving my items, keeping them, and receiving a refund based on Ebay stepping in and judging wrongly against me, I looked to Tradesy. I have yet to receive an item that wasn't as described or authentic (could always happen though), and I no longer loose money when fraudulent buyers enter as Tradesy takes back all returns. It is also 1% lower than doing business with Ebay, My Ads stay... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 15
  • #901174

I bought about six bags...never had a complaint until 8/6/2016 the Fendi was a fake sent it back they said it was real...not true i took the bag to the Fendi store in Short Hills NJ they gave me site ctedit samething with my LV...bag I'm so upset! !!!these people are horrible crooks!!!!

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I sell all AUTHENTIC stuff with official store receipts. Been in business on eBay for over 5 years, sold over $80,000++ with 100% positive ratings. Decided to expand to Tradesy and was with them for over 1 year. Everything went well until just recently I'd it with them. Pulled all my listings. Some buyer filed a return for a $600 designer bag claiming the item was not as described. I followed up with buyer if she can tell me more of what the... Read more

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