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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #924440

It's a scam! Sellers are not verified, merchandise is not verified and refuses to issue refunds, only site credit so you can get scammed again????!!!!! Very unfortunate to have been duped into making purchases on this site. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

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All of their listing prices are false....for instance....a Petite Noe Bag is listed at their price $469....they are claiming new it is $3,000 FALSE. Do not trust this site....if you are looking to buy or sell do it on EBAY. Ebay stands up to the customer if there is an issue...most Sellers offer a money back guarantee. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM TRADESY. THIS WEBSITE APPEARS TO BE FRAUDULENT. AGAIN...EBAY IS FAR SAFER...WHEN A WEBSITE LISTING IS... Read more

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Terrible for sellers! You don't get your money in a timely manner. Not until after the buyer has you item and can review it. So what's to stop them from damaging it or changing it out for something fake? At least with ebay you get paid immediately. Also they are dishonest about their layout policies. Tell you one thing but in reality it's another. Also I shouldn't have to provide my social security number. EBay doesn't require it. Avoid... Read more

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It was my first time to purchase from Tradesy. I bought shoes(booties) which was listed as "new with tags" on the site, but received obviously "used shoes without tags" - Soles have worn out, gum(or something) was on the sole and leather shows visible signs of wear. Only the box was new. I contacted the seller and also spoke to their customer service a couple of times. Even seller admitted the mistake, Tradesy customer service gave me a hard... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 05
  • #913294

Purchased some earrings and a few days later received message that the order was cancelled due to Damage and lost in Mail. There was no time for it to get lost in mail. And which was it, damaged or lost in mail. Their customer service email does not work, so there is no way to register a complaint. Hopefully this phone number will render a person. Holiday today, will try tomorrow.

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Tradesy sells counterfeit purses, NEVER from Tradesy. They have hundreds of consumer affair and BBB complaints, They NEVER have the purse or any item in their possession to authenticate, It is shipped from the seller direct. In fact Tradesy offers per their website under want to sell... that they will help a seller "fix" their listings and images. They also do not adhere to Google's Trusted Merchant Guidelines. Funny ... Kathy B in the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 01
  • #911273

Company sucks would ever purchase from them. Customer service not supportive and misrepresentation of return policies.

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Tradesy Handbag Review from Fort Worth, Texas
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I recently purchased a handbag from one of your sellers to only be told the bag had water damage and would I accept a similar bag instead! The new one they showed me was several hundred $$$'s more! I said.... No! They then offered to sell the bag at a discount! It sounded like a good deal and I accepted it! However, I went to carry the new bag and on the first day, pieces of leather started falling off! The bag was completely misrepresented! I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 31
  • #910634

Never use site. Very unprofessional and misrepresentation of products and customer service. If you return the product they will only give you site credit and still charge your card when you make a new purchase therefore building credit never used.

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I saw blue Tiffany glasses and purchase them from tradesy. Once I receive the glasses they were black at the top and blue at the bottom with the glasses were suppose to show 2 types of blue. It only showed 1. I contacted tradsey and becaused i used affirm to pay they sides with the seller that the photo was accurate and no refund for me just a store credit. Honestly that picture was not accurate and I would have purchased something again from... Read more

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