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I am a very upset customer. I will NEVER use this excuse for a company again. I ordered a pair of ray bans on the 11th and not only have I not received them, I have messaged the seller twice with no response AND tradesy corporate twice with no response? They took the money out of my account without sending my order. This is modern day thievery. Will not recommend this app to anyone and will actually deter others from using it. I want my 53... Read more

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I bought a handbag through Tradesy. The bag looked really good, however, when I took it out of the bag the handle broke. I contacted the seller immediately (same day) and she apologized up and down and offered me a discount on my next purchase. I thought, well stuff happens and I returned the handbag. Well, well, well, I get a response saying sorry, the bag was worn and not returned in the condition it was sent. REALLY? HOW COULD I HAVE WORN IT?... Read more

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I need to get my money from my tradesy closed account.

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Sellers on Tradesy are dishonest and keep re- listing the same items
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I recently purchased an LV bag (Illovo MM for $559) for what I thought was an average price for a used bag. The Japanese seller's description was that it was in "A" condition. The pictures looked ok. When I got the bag, the canvas had on both sides, a total of four, 3-4 inches long dark rubbed out spots where the bag rubbed against the body. This was not denim transfer. The sly seller took pictures of the bag in upright position, and pushed it... Read more

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I have purchased a few things on Tradesy and have never had a problem. I also have been selling on Tradesy for over two years and old over 200 items. I have found them easy to work with and less hassle then Ebay. They do have higher fees to sell then Ebay but rather pay more for less hassle. I will stick with Tradesy. Just hope they keep up the great customer service I have been receiving. I do find the number to call them has fewer hours then... Read more

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The first purse I purchased as a Louis Vuitton Black Alma. What I received was a doll purse so small it would not hold a compact and your keys. I went through my credit card company and notified Tradesy. Apparently I reported it incorrectly so all they would do is give me a store credit. The next purse was a Louis Vuitton Red Mini Lin and when it came I immediately knew from the fabric and feel of the purse it was not real. When I could not... Read more

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Do not do business with Tradesy!  They offer no consumer protection.
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I too have been scammed by Tradesy. I wanted to replace my LV Totally MM Monogram tote, but learned it had been discontinued. I had purchased a couple of items from Tradesy without incident and after looking on EBAY, The Real and Ruelala thought I would trust Tradesy one more time. I decided to upgrade to the larger GM version and elected to pay for it using AFFIRM. When I received it I noticed an odor immediately after opening the package. The... Read more

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I have 3 items to that I purchase one that was randomly sent to me that I was charged for and I want to return them all they are trash they look disgusting and used I wouldn't let my dog wear them

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  • Dec 28, 2016
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I havet purchased anything on Tradesy because I find the items are overpriced. I am a collector of high end designer handbags and you can get better deals on ebay or Off 5th Ave Outlet store such as Valentino, Versace and Halston bags.

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I've been a seller on Tradesy for almost two years. I've only had about 4 sales. I sold a Lands End coat with tags, never worn. The buyer was a Muslim woman who claimed the coat was not new and demanded a refund from Tradesy. I even sent it in the original Lands End box. Tradesy handled that return, so I was encouraged. Recently I sold a Plinio Visona patent leather purse made in Italy that was new with and in new condition with no defects what... Read more

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