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I too am interested in joining a class action lawsuit against them, If anyone has one/is starting one I want to join! Please contact me thru the messages in this comment!

Its been 34 Days since my item sold and I still dont have a dime! It's also been 10 days since I transferred money and its still not here! Tradesy has also allowed buyers to scam me on several Occasions where the buyers ruined my merchandise on purpose to extort refunds they werent entitled to and tradesy forced the ruined items back on me and went into my bank account without ever telling me or asking me and stole money back that I rightfully earned! I am ready to join any type of class action lawsuit anyone has started!

This company scams their sellers in every way, doesnt pay us, shuts accounts down with money in them, lets scam buyers rip sellers off, the list goes on! This sham of a business needs to be stopped and all of us reimbursed for the 1000s of dollara they have stolen from us!

Review about: Tradesy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Omg its been over a month my money keep holding wtfff


Cont me in


OMG. I'm blown reading these posts.

I'm still waiting for my payout too. I called and spoke to someone who said that since their "a small company, all payout transfers are done manually".

I requested my transfer, of over $1000. on June 11th


Count me in on the lawsuit! Customer received product on May 31st still no money! My email is



I want to do this so much but at this point we are not there yet. Tradesy have not met the grounds for us to file yet.

The terms and conditions of Tradesy has an Arbitration agreement statement. Please read their terms and conditions. Tradesy is holding grounds that you are accepting terms and conditions when you shop and sell at their website.

It really annoys me how they hold our earnings to fund their daily operations for almost a month so pay their people etc since they don't have enough cash flow. Please continue to file complaints to appropriate agencies though so Tradesy's practices can be magnified.


Class action count me in


Count me in that as well


Please if someone can help me I sold $600 shoes and transferred my funds and still haven’t gotten paid. I have tech out to them thru email a dozen times and they keep saying I need to wait.

My item sold in March and I am still waiting for my money. Please can anyone help


I have not read every complaint here. I also have to review Tradesy disclaimer/disclosure.

Have any of you read Tradesy's disclaimer/agreement, etc. Are your complaints ligit or sour grapes, something we all agreed to. I need to read in detail what I might have agreed to, close detail.

But I'm definitely frustrated with them. Very much so.

to SIN #1492764

It may depend on when you joined, but they are clearly dishonest and deceptive. Not to mention, not too bright when it comes to business.When I first joined, we received our funds in our Tradesy account as soon as the post office scanned to show that the item was shipped.

Then the transfer took less than 24 hours. The seller fees were much lower then too.It started changing around the time they bought Shop Hers. They raised the fees and started releasing funds 4 days after the item is delivered. Then they added a right to hold funds for up to 21 days, but stated this was only 10% of transactions that would be held longer than the 4 days.

The transfer started taking longer at this point too.Then came an email that they were raising the fees again. The benefits resulting from the increased fees were to be faster payouts, and that “Closet Suggestions” email we get once a month.The “faster payouts” ended up slower than ever before, so that was a lie. They’ve now removed the “10% of transactions” portion and it just says funds will be available within 21 days. They call it an inspection hold even though they only allow returns within four days.

So that’s another lie. They say ACH transfers take 7-10 days which is another lie.The email with closet suggestions we get every month seems mostly to be suggesting we lower our prices. So they apparently missed Business 101. They don’t realize that when they raise our seller fees, we have to raise our prices.

If they want us to lower our prices, they need to reduce the fees. Most basic principle of business there is.


I will totally be done for this. Tradesy is getting ridiculous!

to Annette #1481965

Have any of you read Tradesy's disclaimer/agreement, etc. Are your complaints ligit or sour grapes, something we all agreed to.

I need to read in detail what I might have agreed to, close detail.But I'm definitely frustrated with them. Very much so.


Please contact me when you get a chance i would like to proceed with the law suite.

to Erick #1474278

Count me in for one ! You can email me ! I’m done with them.

to Erick #1474457

Hi there! I am very much ready to proceed with a class action lawsuit!

to Erick #1477262

How do we go about starting this? We need to have a group email and send it to many attorney's stating the fraud we have dealt with and see which attorney wants to pick up this case!

Tradesy also changes their policies weekly and never notifies sellers, this is illegal! Notice how whenever ebay or paypal or any other site changes their user agreement ALL sellers get notified of it? Tradesy sneaks new policy changes in all the time without notifying us! This isnt legal and needs to be stopped!

Anyone who wants to join a class action please email me at martineleone4 @ yahoo dot com for ideas on how we can start this!

Its time we stop talking about it and letting them get away with this! Time to put our words into action and let them feel the heat, the same heat all sellers feel being scammed and ripped off and waiting months for our money, if it ever comes!

to Anonymous #1481417

I may have just the attorney for this. I just googled tradesy class action, because I am not happy with their practices or services. So if there is interest in this and the complaints are appropriate, this is quite probable on my end.

to Anonymous #1513474

I’m interested too I’ve been waiting a month to the day to get my $1400+ payout!!

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