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I want to make this short as possible.... I purchased several bags from saks that are on sale Mario Valentino gorgeous bags all Italian leather I looked on there site and found several Mario Valentino bags some just like the ones I purchased.

So I placed my bags on the site. I sold one and the girl freaked out she said it was fake, I was not concerned and told her to send it back to tradesey and they would verify that my bag was authentic I had no worries well I checked to see if my monies had been released and they had refunded her money and basically say my bag was a fake!!! of course I freaked out...... I called and was told they did not sell that brand on there site even though I found a bag just like this one and hit the button sell yours....

It said Valentino Mario Valentino bag..... So I called and they told me they were sending my bag back to me b/c they did not sell that brand even though there are over 100 on the site and several that had sold. Now they tell me there pulling all those bags off the site not because there fake but because they look to close to higher end bags such as Celine, Valentino, etc......These M. Valentino bags cost over $1000.00 Regular priced.

anyway all I want is my money I don't want the bag I want my money and yet I'm told Meghan (the boss) or Kathy (the lead authenticator) does not talk to people they only email... I guess she thinks the the great and powerful oz.... I say we spread the word..... to make sure no one else gets scammed!!!

oh and they have their own closets also pennylane and strawberry fields oh and abby road or something like that so not only do they not make their rules clear they get first dibs on all the good stuff.. I hope soon there is a class action law suite!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Fact you can not speak to a person, No seller protection.

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Geez lady give it a rest! This is now your 6th review in a row on here about the same story? Take a chill pill we all got the message on the first review, 6 more consecutively is just flat out spam and ocd!

to Anonymous Newnan, Georgia, United States #1128719

You do understand me expressing my opinion is to prevent this from happening to other people. If other people agree with me then they need to fix something.

If a company known for high quality purses opinion differs from a company that makes money from people selling there purses of all qualities I'm going to choose the one known for the higher quality.


for your opinion!!!! and guess what I came to good terms with them and we solved the problems so my OCD much worked...

to Ginger-Magrath-101 #1604509

You didn’t fn pay for it!!! WTF!!

to Anonymous #1434091

Lol!! Amen!!!

to Anonymous #1434092

Yes!! Someone please shut her up!!!

to Anonymous #1604510

OCD!!! lol!!

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