im trying to go to delete my tradesy account, because i no longer wish to have one, and it doesn't give me an option to delete my account, i keep getting emails from them that i don't want and its just becoming annoying, i don't understand why i cant just delete it like other accounts i've deleted in the past, im never going to use is and i just flat out don't want it sitting there, i think its very rude that they don't provide this option, my best option is to just unsubscribe from them on my email but it sill seems very rude of them to do this

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I have the same issue


Just find out cannot delete the account!! OMG how unprofessional that is.

Have to change email, password to fake email ... there is no other option.

You can't even contact customer service. Awful bussnes


I have been trying to delete my account. Fed up with their high fees, slow payments etc.

the final straw was when they removed one of my items claiming it was fake from a picture. OUTRAGEOUS. Who authenticates from a photo. It’s 100% authentic.

I’m so annoyed I refuse to deal with them further.

Sticking with Poshmark. They are 100% better than Tradesy.


I didn’t realize that you can’t delete the account until I tried. That is just not right.

This company doesn’t have integrity at all. There’s a lot of better choices for buying branded stuff that are more professional.


Sales are so slow on tradesy.com. not worth using at all. Delete delete.

Carmel, Indiana, United States #1192380

I'm new to Tradesy can I ask the problem you had so I don't have the same problem. Thx


i am having the same problem. Were you ever able to delete your account??

to Anonymous Hawaii, United States #1331455

I'm going through same thing but worse. I purchased something from them and returned it.

They don't want to give me money eh back, just site credit. I want to close my account but they refused.

They said only way they'll close my acct is if I use the 2k I spent!!! I hired a lawyer and reported them to every business bureau.


I am very disturbed


Hi. I was having the same problem as you. I called Tradesy today at

+1 (310) 912 -7966 and I told them I wanted to delete my account and they did

to Anonymous #1154967

Hi, I had to contact the company to have my account remove.

After the using the live chat I was told my account would be removed.

I had a bad experience with this website. This is why I wanted to remove myself from the website.

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