Buyer beaged for a lower price...contacted me so much I was hesitant about the sell. Mailed it off, Money on hold, THEN return attached to my account.

I called them and said "If she thinks my bag is a fake, tell her to send it back" because I have no monies for it anyway. I'm then told.. OH its being sent back to us. WHAT??

Yes we will compare the pics and then release your money...HOLD THE PHONE!! why is my purse at Tradsey headquarters??

Send me my purse back, was my response, I don't want her money, your money, just send it back,

with the box and dust bag. I fell like I've been decived by Tradsey

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Account.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sorry about your horrible experience but ALL items that customers return are sent to Tradesy as per their policy. If a buyer doesn't like it, it's the wrong size or if they think it is a fake Tradesy accepts the return and pays for the return shipping.

In your case they will determine if it is a fake or misrepresented. Unfortunately the people who do that are inexperienced. If they determine you made no misrepresentation they keep it and pay you & they are responsible for reselling it. I have not seen anywhere on their website that they destroy what they THINK are fakes, as another person commented.

eBay doesn't, they just send it back to the seller and usually ban them as well. I know that from direct experience a few months ago.


They are required to destroy all fake bags.

to Anonymous #1141021

They are supposed to, but who's to say they don't just relist it and claim it's real? eBay is different.

The few times I bought a fake, eBay refunded me, decided in my favor, and told me to keep the bag or throw it out, burn it, they're not gonna waste shipping dollars to store up all the fakes! Where, back to whatever country it originated from? Not trying to sound racist, but the fakes come from Europe, Africa, and Asia. They come to the US with NO designer labels attached to them!

It's completely legal right up until the point where the labels get sewn on, in a dark back room right here in the U. S. of A.

I watched a show about it on I think History Channel. Fascinating stuff.

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