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Tradesy has gone down hill in a major way the past few months. I am so disappointed as I really loved them up until many recent policy changes, which brought all the scammers out of the wood work!

First of all, ALL sellers are subject to have their funds held for 21 days now, nobody in their right mind is going to wait 21 days while some stranger test drives their merchandise! This applies to verified sellers too so theres absolutely no plus to being verified anymore; secondly their commission jumped from 11.9% to 14.9%, add in their 3% "safe transfer fee" (another way to rip off their sellers) and thats a whopping 18% they are keeping from every single sale! Whats worse is every item sold under $50 has a minimum commission fee of $7.50, which means if you sell something for $10 you get $2.50 from the sale! Nice way to boot off all the sellers of normal merchandise that most women can afford!

Shipping labels now cost a flat $10.50, which is insane, just tradesy skimming all that extra money to pocket! Small individual sellers are no longer included in their site wide sales, only big box retailers are now; their return policy is a joke! Buyers know they cant get a refund (only site credit) unless the item has undisclosed damage, so these buyers are purposely damaging sellers items and telling tradesy you sent it like that! There is zero seller protection!

They will always side with the buyer no matter what, it happened to me and Im beyond pissed and want to share my experience with as many people as possible so it you can avoid it happening to you! A buyer bought a new without tags ring from me that I had already priced 70% off retail, never communicated or asked me a single question. It gets delivered and this total nutt job (who could barely speak English and I couldnt understand half of what he wrote) starts sending me message after message on tradesy, 20 messages within half hour *** that his wife didnt like the ring and I better give him refund, outright harassing me! I quit replying to him and contacted tradesy and let them know this buyer is nutts and Im worried he might damage my ring since I told him he wasnt entitled to a refund since I accurately described the ring.

So here come the lies. First he says the ring has stains inside the shank (lie) then he changes his story to the gold is peeling off the ring (lie #2) then his story changes yet again to the inside of the band is scratched (lie #3). I let tradesy know he kept lying and changing his story (it was all in writing on their site) I was assured they would take all the facts into consideration as well as my long standing perfect reputation with them. Low and behold a week passes and Im informed they are refunding this scammer and will be sending the ring back to me!

Despite clear proof the buyer lied repeatedly and purposely damaged my item, they still sided with him! Their reason? The buyer requested a return within 24 hours of delivery so he MUST be telling the truth! This is insanity and the lamest cop out I ever heard!

It takes 5 seconds to scratch up a ring! That means nothing to me! So the ring gets returned to me with NO STAINS as he lied about, NO GOLD PEELING OFF as he lied about, but a big area inside the shank where he took something sharp and scratched it up badly. All in all tradesy ignored all the facts and allowed this *** artist to rip me off, they allowed someone to commit fraud against me via their website and they couldnt care less!

Its a gamble everytime you sell anything on their website, all it takes is getting the wrong type of buyer and your screwed!

Tradesy got greedy, forgot about the regular women who made their site what it is today and has become worse then ebay! There are 100s of reviews of this same type of thing happening to other people all over the web, dont sell anything on tradesy that you cant afford to lose

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Terrible how did u report damaged item


I have similar experience. They returned item to me and it was not damage but they said it’s misrepresented. And now is 15 days I am waiting for the transfer of money to Paypal where they charged another $50 besides all the fees and commissions.


Tradesy stole $128 from me. I sold something, buyer returned for change of mind (why a used resale site even has a return policy is insane) tradesy released my funds 10 days after they conducted their return inspection, moved the item to their in house closet (where they resell returned items when the seller accurately described it) so I withdrew my funds since the return was decided in my favor!

8 days later (after all of this) they made up two bogus lies about why my item was "misrepresented" and said they were reversing their decision and sending the item back to me and taking the funds back! Both of their bs reasons were complete lies and both things were written in my listing and the buyer knew exactly what they were getting! I said "the ring may not have real gold plating and the stones may not be natural" guess what 2 reasoms they gave me? The stones arent natural and the ring is 14k plated, umm isnt that exactly what my listing said?

Absolutely asinine that they forced this return on me for lies that were plainly written up front in my description! Complete and blatant disregard for their own return policy and forcing a 100% accurately described item back onto the honest seller for 0 valid reason! I argued with customer service for days and basically was told yes your listing was correct but oh well we stand behind our decision! So a return is never final evem when they manually release your money and accept the return in your favor!

They will go back and make up any fraudulent lie to force you to take back a completely accurately described item! I also have been waiting over a month for funds! A non designer final sale item that sold for under $50 was delivered 11 days ago and they still havent released my money! Buyers have damaged and used my items amd then returned them and tradesy has given them full refunds despite my evidence I sent a new or flawless item amd forced the damaged item back on me!

They have gone into my personal bank account weeks after a return was accepted in my favor, reversed it and stole the money from my bank account without ever asking me did I have sufficient funds, or even telling me! I found out after getting an over draft fee from my bank! Their horrid authentication dept. Deemed an authentic chanel item I bought from chanel fake!

Buyer returned it for "fit" split a huge rip down the delicate silk fabric amd ruined it, instead of paying me and sending it back to the scanner who ruined it, they made up a completely false claim that it was fake so they could force it back on me! I am 100% sure it is genuine since I paid $2200 for it at the chanel boutique, but lets just say for a moment it wasn't authentic, that gives the buyer the right to completely destroy someone's merchandise and tradesy stealing the funds back and allowing and supporting buyers ruining a sellers item? What kind of sham of a business allows such fraud?

I could write a book on this scam website but I dont have the time. They screw their sellers over at every step, there is no protection and tradesy is so money hungry and dishonest I wouldnt sell anything here you cant afford to give away to a scammer or have tradesy steal your money!


Same thing here! Also tradesy fees are now 23% they went up....again!

As if the first one wasn't bad enough! I sold an item on January 2, today is February 2, exactly a month later and I still dont have a dime! Initiated a paypal withdrawal exactly 8 days ago and nothing! This happens every single time I make a sale, it takes exactly 1-2 months to get paid from the day of the sale to money in hand, absolutely absurd!

Total scam! Thats if you even get paid! I told them I have been waiting a month on my funds and 8 days since transfer and asked if as a 1 time thing they could push my payment thru since I have been waiting so long and they said no! Of course they did, I have only made them thousands of dollars in commission, but they get their greedy 23% cut instantly off of OUR items, so who cares how long we wait right?

As long as they got their cut screw us! Im so done with this site! Add all that into them allowing scammers to ruin our things and get a full refund, no more tradesy sponsored sales, highest commission on the market, waiting months to get paid, atrocious customer service, I don't see how anyone would want to deal with this! Tradesy has gone way past middle man and treat their sellers like dirt and look for any excuse to hold our funds hostage as long as possible to earn as much interest on it that they can!

Tradesy is not a bank! These are our items we are selling and tradesy acts like a crooked dictator making us wait and beg for OUR MONEY! Also for months last year they kept saying by the end of 2017 payouts wouldnt be taking this long and promised to fix this, more lip service and lies! It's now February 2018 and its actually taking longer to get paid!

Sick of this greedy, corrupt, selfish, scamming scheme of a site! They are going to crash and burn soon because sellers are fed up with their BS and I cant wait!

This is all Going to bite them in the {{Redacted}} very soon! You can only scam people for so long until it catches up with you!


Same experience as the other sellers that posted to your comment! I'm through with this site!

Buyer purchased Louis Vuitton bag from me, sent it to Tradesy for a refund. Tradesy then informs me bag wasn't buyer's style! Buyer knew what the bag looked like from the pics I posted, but yet she purchased it knowing it wasn't her style?

Now the bag is on its way back to me! I'm sure it's not going to arrive back to me looking the same way I shipped it!


Same thing happened to me! Are we all lying tradesy?

Tradesy has become a cess pool for fraud against sellers! I have sold around $20k+ over the last few years, and I am very careful about describing my items accurately, yet after all these *** policy changes I have had nothing but returns for absurd reasons, and every single time tradesy makes up some ridiculous reason why they are refunding the buyer- each and every time this has happened I have received a damaged item back that I sent brand new or like new, tradesy doesn't want to honor their own return policy now so its easier to force sellers to take back all returns now for any reason! At least 1 out of 2 sales I make (usually more) winds up getting sent back to me as a return for "misrepresentation". Examples- I sold a ring and in my listing I said "I never had the ring tested therefore its possible the stones are man-made" covered my *** right?

Wrong! Tradesy is forcing me to take the ring back because the stones arent genuine! What? Thats what I said!

I flat out said in my listing I dont know if they were real and I priced it really low because of this, they dont give a ***, when I called them out on it they suspended my account so I couldnt screenshot what I wrote in my listing! Fraud at its finest! How the *** can they say I misrepresented the ring when my listing said I didnt know one way or the other what the stones were? Then when I call them on their *** they suspend me?

And this all happened after they already released my funds for this item! Which means they allowed the buyer to return it past the 4 day hold period! On top of that they are demanding I pay them back for this item or they are holding it hostage! Why should I give them a penny when they *** up, not me!

I had an item sent back to me (again for misrepresentation) that I shipped sealed and new with tags, never touched by human hands, sent back to me with all packaging gone and ruined! This is the type of business tradesy is, they will screw a seller over in a heart beat no matter what the facts say, they are 100% pro buyer and pro tradesy and dump on their sellers!

It never used to be like this, but over the last few months everything has changed for the worse! I highly recommend nobody sell on tradesy unless you enjoy being scammed, loaning your items to strangers, getting them back damaged and losing money.


Happened to me too, buyer bought my diorever bag and returned it for false representation. It turned out my measurements were like 1 cm off for width.

I think she used it for 4 days and returned it. I shipped out with the tags, authentication cards, and dust bag and the buyer returned without them.


It happened to me, as a seller, selling a pair of NEW LV Shoes...... Buyer stained them, then return back to me, Tradesy took my fund, although all my pictures clearly showed NO STAINS on the shoes when in my pocession......

Well, we have to learn, it's our choice, selling with Tradesy or not, it's our decision, No complains......... LOL.......

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