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We have almost all of the basis for temp inj. There is conflict of interest in the host store's cyclic reselling of seized counterfeit or deemed defective merchandise, no liability to buyers and incentivized failure to under market priced sellers, profits of resale return to House Retailer as seller in direct competition with other sellers, yet House Seller is also immediately acting Host of storefronHi please contact us

You are absolutely correct in your observation that the returned items become the property of the site management and the owner is the only person who profits from a seller's or buyer's loss.

As you noticed, suspending a seller or promoting returns from buyers is a winning result for Tracy[as owner of]Tradesy[as promoter and host of]PennyLane[as a profit yielding "seller" directly in competition with all other sellers hosted on]

If you buy an item from Target and then return it because it is defective, Target will refund you or issue store credit. Target will also destroy or dispose of the defective item and take it as a loss in their inventory. THEY WOULD NOT RESELL ANY ITEM THEY ACCEPTED AS AN ACKNOWLEDGED DEFECTIVE ITEM, THAT IS A LIABILITY TO THE NEXT BUYER . Therefore, usually stores lose out from Customer Returns. Customer Exchages are initiated when the item is resale able. Store credit is a way to restore loyalty and shop again. Your defective/broken item can not be on the shelves again or you would keep replacing one with another in an endless cycle of purchases.

This is not the case with Tracy/Tradesy/PennyLane functioning as the liable retailer providing storefront and promotions, AND posing in the Role of a seller equal to other sellers plus targeted marketing advantage.

Next issue with this is conflict of interest, the incentive for T/T/PL to collect, for their own Seller resale profits, all previously sold goods in which the purchase price was below-market value or below average website resale value. Their house seller PENNY LANE relists the underpriced returned items for an average or slightly discounted price- also without costs of acquisition, merchandising or other common Seller costs. PL therefore enjoys a PROFIT OFF each failed seller-buyer transaction that produced a return. T/T/PL thus maintains vested interest in the FAILURE of their sellers and also in the dissatisfaction of their buyers.

....and plenty more logic and contract breaches.

As I mentioned our complaint is almost ready to be filed for temp inj. to stop this vicious anti-commerce loop from preying upon good intentioned sellers and buyers.

Please circulate and contact us

This is legally a conflict of interest and sellers and buyers are required to be informed about the true commerce operations funded by their goods or money.

we have already proceeded with depositionst to vendors/sellers, also acting as agent and Sales Director for all sellers, all these yet in direct competition

Reason of review: violation of commercial ethics codes.

Monetary Loss: $7200.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Resale of defective deemed items, Resale of seized counterfeit goods, Insider control market value, Lack of transparency, Fraudulent failure setup scheme.

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Maybe there are "buyers" that work for them too?...who then may be doing "returns"?? As a seller I've had a few very low offers from users with no profile info. I said no but I did notice there were very high priced comparable items just like mine being sold by what looked to be professional sellers posing as individuals.

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