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I made a return due to a problem with a previous order not being authentic. They gave me a store credit which I tried to use and realized on my credit card statement, it was never applied.

I called and talked to costumer service and the supervisor and both said they couldn't do anything about it since the transaction had already been placed. I just asked for them to credit my credit card the money that should have been used in the first place but they said I had to make another transaction to try and use the credit again. This seems like a scam to get you to buy more things. I told them I would be writing reviews and telling my friends of what happened.

They didn't seem to care and had no answers to resolve my case. Buyer Beware!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Misleading refund policy.

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If the bag was authenticated then you would get a site credit.

to Anonymous #1136554

If Tradesy agreed it was a fake you get your money back via your form of payment. If they don't you get a site credit. did you try to use it again as they asked?

San Carlos, California, United States #1130944

I just want to say if the bag is fake it is NOT Tradesy fault as they never see the bag BEFORE it sells just like eBay, an Amazon individual seller, Poshmark, Threadflip etc. Tradesy is not a consignment site like RealReal.

I am saying this because I am a seller on Tradesy and these fraudulent sellers are ruining business for legitimate sellers. If the seller sells on eBay don't buy from them & I wouldn't buy from PennyLane, Strawberry Fields and a few others as they are ACTUALLY Tradesy selling the returns.

If you told them within in 4 days from receiving it claiming it is fake and they disagree that is a different problem. I returned a bag and gave them a list of 8 items that were wrong in construction and they could not argue it was a piece of junk I then checked to see if the seller was on eBay and she was lesson learned.

to Anonymous #1140818

Good point; point out OBVIOUS tell-tale signs to let them know you are no dummy! Underneath the zipper, for example, you know, the zipping mechanism, not the pull.

Or peeling "leather" on a Chanel bag!

*FYI EVERYBODY* - Tradesy just started Not Accepting Returns on the things they are reselling? Customer returns getting resold by Abbey Road, Abbey Lane or whatever dumb Beatles site reference name they're using; I saw on the corner of SOME listings, "Final Sale". Some, not all so check closely.

Be warned, ask for measurements!

Be certain you are ready to buy for keeps. No Tradesies-Backsies, lol ;)


They screwed me over on a fake Coach bag and I'm going to call my bank and tell them the charge was fraudulent. They'll refund my money. You should do the same.


Thanks for the heads up.

If it's a resent purchase, within the last 90 days or so, you should dispute the transaction.

If you were unaware your card was being charged, or your card was charged more than you thought you were agreeing too, it's likely they will reverse the charge.

I have experienced something similar with another online vender.

Wichita Falls, Texas, United States #1126809

Same here

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