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I am in the process of dealing with Tradesy and thus far my experience is ridiculous. I sold a vintage Louis Vuitton that was in great shape and gave a great description of the bag.

It sold with no questions asked by the buyer and I rushed to ship as I have had my own store and appreciate great service as a customer ,too. I wrapped with a card and gift inside. The buyer never responded when it arrived and the I get something from my inbox that the buyer said the bag was a replica. Since I purchasd from a Louis Vuitton Store and they keep records,I was able to have them e mail my receipt .

I received several e mails stating their authenticators are saying it is not. What a crock- I don't think Louis Vuitton now sells fakes and the last e mail states that they are still checking and the matter would be resolved at the end of the day. It has not been resolved and the head of their returns department even intimated that receipts could be replicated! I was and am highly insulted and getting angrier by the minute.

They need to brush up on their customer service skills or lack of skills and apologize and give me the 600 dollars that I earned from the legitimate sale of an Aurhentic Louis Vuitton.

I am patiently waiting to see how this is resolved, but I can say that the length of time this is going on is not acceptable nor is the more serious issue of how they treat legitimate sellers because the buyer has buyers remorse and thinks this is a game. It is a ridiculous situation that they need to make right

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, How sellers treated.

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Tradesy does NOT follow their policies or advertisements. The Better Business Bureau is USELESS.

Hire an attorney! File a Class Action Suit! Sounds like there are plenty of unhappy sellers.

It's sad.


I agree that they side with buyers far too much BUT

Returns are just part of stinks but it just is one of the downsides to selling anything. If they rule for the buyer, they will always ship the item back to you (free) and pull the money from escrow hold-money you never got paid yet anyway.

Long story short, no seller is out anything. You end up with the same as before you "sold" it.

It sucks and it's hard not to take it personal but some buyers are jerks...I keep track of the bad ones...and if they ever buy from me again, I cancel the order. ;)

to Anonymous Belle Mead, New Jersey, United States #950114

The difference is that Tradesy is not a department store and their policy states that if a buyer does not like the product, the seller still gets paid if the item is described as stated and authenticated as claimed. If this is to be true, than Tradesy, should have credible authenticators on staff to determine if a product is genuine, as a seller, in good faith ,has Earned the money- - this is their policy.

Their customer service department was negative and then when they were presented with a bill of sale, FINALLY, apologized and released the funds. It was handled very poorly from a customer service point of view. Personally, I think that they just wanted NOT to pay me ,as the bag was authentic and vintage, and they did not think I could get my receipt.

Yes, you are out something- your integrity as a seller is tarnished as the buyer can tell many people that you sell a fake product. The worst part is their authenticators do not instill confidence if I want to purchase something ,and I now know they can't do their job efficiently!

Bluffton, South Carolina, United States #949367

How horrible, your just convinced me that I am not going to become a seller! I am sorry.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #948985

Contact ..."The Better Business Bureau"

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #945827

This happened to me over a Coach bag. They said it was not authentic...I gave them a receipt and asked them to call the store were I bought it from to verify the purchase as it has only been bought one month before I sold it.

The would not do that. they they change the reason for return and said it was due to the quality....however I used all the photos listing available to show every detail of the bag to include the part they insisted was not meeting quality standards.

Tradesy is not bad....but...the returns department needs some serious work.


Make sure what you get back is authentic as well!!! Authentic handbags are often replaced in a return with copies. FYI

to Cat Cranford, New Jersey, United States #945308

The issue was finally resolved and the money is in my account. It was all very upsetting but glad that tradesy realized their error.

I felt that the apology they offered was a back- handed one, and was hoping I would be able to see it posted on the buyers site or e mail as reputation as a seller is important ! Glad it is done!

to Cat Belle Mead, New Jersey, United States #945842

They did make it right and gave me the legitimate funds for a very Authentic Louis Bag,but the process was very aggravating. The returns department comes after the seller ,and the buyer was refunded the money with problem- buyers remorse, as the buyer never responded to me when I asked if bag had arrived.

It was in fab condition- used only 5 times! I also was the purchaser and had gotten a copy from a Louis Vuitton of my receipt. The returns dept.

Kept insisting their brands expert said it was not authentic- I laughed as I did not think a Louis Vuitton sells fake bags! Glad it is done

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