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They do not honor their own discounts/ their authenticity pledge and they do not support their buyers nor their sellers. In a recent transaction, the renegged on their discount, refused to provide a refund on services rendered and delayed the sending of the purchased item.

The seller and I had to sort out numerous issues between ourselves as their customer service had a rehearsed script from which the never deviated.

They are clearly in breech of trade law and I am pursuing a complaint against them through the FTC and the California Dept of Consumer Affairs.

They only way to get to them is not to use them. Shut them down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #1180446

Wow this lazy acres person is on every single persons complaint replying with her "$13" story. Give it a rest already.

How many times do we have to reread how you only got $9 our of your $13? I see you on every complaint board complaining about this same thing and replying to every single other persons complaint on here.

Obsessed much? You have way too much time on your hands if you spend every day and night (which you clearly do) going on and on about this same petty story that I dont believe anyways!

Amite, Louisiana, United States #1177438

I agree, took them 4 months to pay me for a $13.65 sale and still only sent me $9.10. They are scammers for sure!!

I want a class action suit brought up against them!

I have asked for their credentials for determining if an item is fake or not and never have I got a reply. I am a seller on this site and they have withdrawn money twice for the same refund numerous times.

They do not allow you to see the original listing anymore and since the new update in their program today, you can't even see where they refunded the item more than once. They are stealing from the seller and the buyers by offering site credit only instead of the cash they promise when you buy something.


Stay away from this enticing site. Everything is overpriced and they do not stand by their authenticity promise.

I bought a Coach bag. When it arrived I knew it was a fake, it has no serial number and I found out it was 2 years old! I paid $150.00. They continued to say that it was authentic, bla bla bla.

They would not refund my money and only gave me site credit. After that horrible experience, I just wanted to be done with them.But now I have to waste my hard-earned money and buy more ***.

Please stay away from this site.

I hope it gets shut down. Shop on ebay, it's much safer!!

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