I have to tell you that I'm very upset with this shopping experience. I ordered this product on October 20th 2015 and it wasn't shipped until November 9th. I contacted both you and Tradesy. The Tradesy customer support team informed me that you had 10 days to ship the items I ordered and since it was only 8 days from the order date when I called them there was nothing they could (nor would do). Your reply was you were out for 2 weeks and you would ship them upon your return. Almost three weeks after I placed the order you finally shipped them. I received the item today and the screw that holds the nose piece to the glasses is missing the tiny little nut that attaches to the screw and holds the nose piece on. This was NOT represented in the "Slightly Used" condition. The nose piece will not stay on the glasses that is more than Slightly Used. This has been one of the worst shopping experiences of my life and I will NEVER use this site or buy from you again.

Thanks B

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I am so sorry for what happened to you. Unfortunately it seems you purchased from an unscrupulous seller.

Please notify Tradesy IMMEDIATELY as you have 4 days from the date of receipt to return the item for a refund.

The majority of us sellers are honest and sell authentic items in the condition that they are described. It saddens me that you had a terrible experience, as other people who read your honest post will never try Tradesy.

to Anonymous #1064304

I seriously understand your stress! As a buisness owner myself I cannot imagine ever doing this to anyone.

Whether $5 or $5000. I just posted above your problems, I have never shopped on sites as this. Especially for expensive items $1,148 I Will Not stop, already contacted news to be interviewed in regards to this site. I found out all there information!

My brothers an attorney thank god I get free legal advice & representation, he was the one who told me to go to the media first. As I already spoke to Fox & NBC.. As I said in my review, regardless of the outcome! As upset as I am I will not stop I will expose them in every way!

Sickening & sad reading the reviews. They should be closed down! I can't believe there still in buisness? But I guess it took an educated women to make one big mistake to end Tradesy and other sites like them, I spent 2 days reading everything in regards to them!

Apsolutely disgusted. I hope your issue is or gets resolved, but as I'm reading so much they really don't care.

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