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Mother of the bride is a fraud she buys her products from tablecloths factory save on crafts and others then doubles the price and claims she is doing brides a favor on her profile page. Not true!

Do your research before buying from her. I bought several products from other vendors and they were great but this lady is terrible she is a thief and a liar. Oh also her real name is Kim and she lives in sealy tx this was on my packing slip just an FYI.

She also is very slow at shipping products out and will ship less than what you ordered and keep your money and claim she shipped everything this has happened to me twice by her! Ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Profile.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: This buyer should not be allowed on the site if you want a good reputation .

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Houston, Texas, United States #878922

This seems to be the same person posting complaint after complaint with a different story each time. It is being maliciously posted by a competing business who sells the same products but has been banned from several selling sites for several issues.

The type of "issues" she is reporting are not allowed or tolerated by Tradesy.

If a seller were doing these things they would be banned from the site.


Report her to tradesy. Drop shipping is not allowed.

Please read all reviews about her. She is bad.


I ordered burlap table cloths from mother of the bride when they arrived it was short two tablecloths and came from which sells them for half the price I was so disappointed she is running a shady business watch out!

to Anonymous #866906

Report her to tradesy... They do not allow drop shipping.

to Anonymous #878923

If she was truly shorted she must have never reported it. Tradesy would never allow a seller to short a buyer and continue selling on the site. Anyone who has to post complaints as "anonymously" is not serious about resolving the issue.


I have purchased several very beautiful and affordable items from Mother of the Bride on Tradesy. She went out of her way to post special listings for me. She shipped very quickly (the very next day in fact) The other review seems like maybe sour grapes from a competitor who is loosing sales to a much better bridal shop.

to Happy Bride #866901


Everyone is catching on to you!

The first message says she bought from you and you ripped her off. She releases your name and location. That alone says she is not a seller.

How would another seller have your info like that?

You will be reported.

to Anonymous #867209

I agree with the last user! I was ripped off by her glass votives that came directly from!

Her pictures look like *** and it is obvious that she has just covered their logo (very poorly) by some scratched out blob.

She is also user BFF, Kim, and possibly Sofias not quite sure on the last one as it has just surfaced today. Please pin this link and also add it to your Facebook we need to band together to get rid of this scammer!!

to Anonymous #878925

The competitor who is posting these false reviews had also sent threatening messages via the Tradesy message system (before she was banned from the site) that she had special ways to investigate ip addresses. She then releases fraudulent reviews, names and locations.

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