I used to work for an NYC based competitor to Tradesy and can tell you first hand that a good portion of the complaints on this site are not real. One of the owners (who will remain anonymous) of the company I used to work for is pissed for what he believes is Tradesy blatant ripoff of his websites format.

There are approximately four main websites that are exclusively in the fashion resell space. Three in the east coast and one in the west coast (tradesy). It is no accident that the other three do not have reviews on this site. The website I coded for had extremely shady practices and did in fact knowingly sell counterfeit product.

I am not going to say that Tradesy is saint of a company, but I believe they received a pretty raw deal!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Website.

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Tradesy is a poorly run, poorly serviced, unethical company with THOUSANDS of complaints because they SUCK. Where there's smoke, there's fire. My personal selling AND buying experience on four different websites has been the Tradesy is the WORST.


I agree. I have been dealing with Tradesy for the past two years as a seller and buyer and they are a good fair company.

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #957268

I researched what your comment and found two other luxury mall sites, both from the east coast. At this time and of the two only one has complaints.

Of the site that does not have complaints, it is the same business model and is based in NY. If your post is true they are posting libelous and defamatory remarks to hurt competition.

This is the exact reason I don't trust these complaint sites. It's no better than eBay where it allows anyone to post what they want regardless of truthfulness "anonymously".

San Francisco, California, United States #920881

Omg. I just sign up to join the seller account with tradesy because I'm upset with Ebay for not protecting their sellers from buyers who abuse the money back guarantee program. Are you saying this tradesy sites is not a safe place to sell?

to Lora Atlanta, Georgia, United States #945845

They really need to work on communication and customer service. All it takes is for one buyer to say you are selling fakes and your account is shut down without any notice.

They do not do a good job of authenticating items either. You can have a sales receipt and they dont care.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #902705

I don't think they are fake I am a seller and I had all of those issues and no explanation now i am worried because my account shows suspended and I just shipped over $600 worth of merchandise and no way to sign into my account. What happens with the $$$ and also I don't sell replicas !

?? No freaking clue why they did that.

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