Tradesy allows fake products on their site and does not verify their authenticity prior to them being listed on their site. Additionally, they protect the seller, not the buyer.

They allow the seller 5 days to "confirm" your purchase. So if you decide to cancel your order in those 5 days, or if you learn information later that the product is a fake and want to cancel, there is no option for you to do it and Tradesy definitely will not do it. So even if you find out the item is fake within that time, that's too bad for you. Tradesy does not care.

Oh, and they don't notify you of this 5 day waiting period when you make the purchase. They hide this information within their "terms and conditions"... you know, the box you just click on without thinking to hurry along with the purchase. There are too many other reputable sites that authenticate the items before you waste your time buying from them.

Try Fashionphile, Mallories, Yoogi's Closet or The Real Real.

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That is just not true. I am a seller on tradesy and i think that four days is too much time for your to decide if you want your money back or not.

You could be using my item for a special occasion and decide four days later that you do not want it as you used it and are finished with it. I don't get paid until four days has passed after delivery. They DO NOT tolerate fakes on their site and if they encounter someone selling fakes, they immediately pull them off and revoke that seller's priviledges.

If you don't agree with their policies, perhaps you should try poshmark or someplace like that. I for one do not need buyers such as yourself to purchase my items.

to Anonymous #1057215

How many people buy a fake and don't know for a few days or weeks. Is that fair to them? I understand that you are a seller and because of that, you have your position but really, it is unfair that tradesy is not putting these bags through a legit authentication process.

Ventura, California, United States #916734

I've bought and sold authentic designer stuff over the last 2 years and therefore can speak both as a seller and as a buyer. As a buyer, I've bought about 15 items and everything has checked out to be AUTHENTIC so guess you must have been unlucky.

I believe Tradesy does authenticate the stuff before it's up for sale as a $10 million business will not last if it's based on ripping someone off. And Tradesy has been in business for some time now and it is also funded by reputable investors, not a fly by nite nobody. As a website with tons of items, it is not always possible to remove every listing that might be a fake. This scenario also applies true to eBay or even retail stores(some crooks have been known to swap out the real and return a fake)

It's common sense to check your purchases once you receive it.

I know I do. I look over everything right when I get the item so that means as a buyer 5 days should be sufficient time to notify Tradesy if you're not happy with what you got. As a seller, I think the escrow process is as safe and fair as you can get when buying on the internet. I don't know if you are just crying foul because of a personal bad experience or merely a Tradesy competitor trying to stir traffic away as you listed all the other Tradesy competitors but in all honesty, I think Tradesy's policy is fair on both sides.

I think 5 days is a good amount of time to get your order inspected and initiate a return if you're unhappy but if you're a procrastinator, then you're out of luck and would be better off just paying full price at a retail store and getting 30-60 days to return an item.

I do not work for Tradesy but have enjoyed using their website both as a buyer and as a seller and hope for them to stay in business and that is why I'm adding my 2 cents worth to help other readers make a fair judgement.

to Carrie J #935372

I think the person meant when they click the buy button not after receiving item. Once you hit buy your money is held and you can't cancel until you get item then you know if it's fake or not as described. Just think that's what the review was about.

to Carrie J #936315

I am a seller on Tradesy & they DO NOT authenticate anything. How could they?

Sellers are all over the country. A seller posts pictures and a description all Tradesy does is make sure the pictures are "clean" IE in focus. No one at Tradesy questions a seller about what they are selling or its origin. There is absolutely no quality control on this site, it is akin to eBay in that respect.

That's why it is important to look at a seller's "closet" and see how many sales they have completed. If they have numerous sales then they are probably selling quality items. I personally sell only new items and can present a receipt for each purchase if questioned, which I never have been. Buyers must be circumspect when dealing with sellers on this site, or any site for that matter.

Unfortunately the site has been inundated with people trying to pass off junk as the real thing. The bottom line, if it seems to good to be true it probably isn't. I have been contacted by many would be buyers asking me to lower my prices to match others on the site.

The buyers would rather deal with me, as I have hundreds of sales. While I do negotiate, it is impossible for me to sell 1st quality factory sealed items for what others are passing off as authentic.

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