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I want to buy from Tradesy (I have once in the past), but there are fakes littered everywhere. I'm most familiar with spotting fake Christian louboutins, and they are everywhere.

When Tradesy says "authentication guaranteed" they mean, well good luck on your purchase and if you think you bought a fake one then it's up to you to send it to us and we'll make the final decision.

They should vet everything that goes on that site before it's posted. Buyer beware!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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El Segundo, California, United States #1197302

I have sold over 70 items on tradesy. I have never had a return nor a pissed off consumer.

All I can tell you buyers is try to buy it from a seller that has 50+ items. Then you can kind of guage they are an actual business and not a one-off.


Tradesy was NOT like this, it is their Ebay importing that has caused this and turned buyers away, due to all the fakes. There is no way they could monitor or check every listing out of the millions they now have due to Ebay imports.

Hope that stops soon, as when you list, you should list your own pictures, not catalogs and copies. My guess is it will not last much longer, the Ebay imports I mean, also they promote too many canceled sales, and buyers are disappointed, hope anyway, has really cluttered the site and made the really authentic items from small sellers, on page 8000, so do not get seen.

I have no Tradesy complaints, love it, and their employees have been second to none to me. Right Kristen R, tee hee.



I agree. I bought a burberry purse but returned it back as i was so certain it was fake.

Threads were falling off and it said mint condition. Now they had my money in store credit. What *** me off is their claim that they have authentic stuff. Nope.

I wanted to use my credit with a louis vuitton checkbook wallet.

Was there a circa that LV wallets issued with a pen slot? I'm afraid i will get a fake one

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