I sell all kind of things on line. Of course I'm always looking for sites where I can sell and advertise.

I saw this Site where they claimed to charge a 9% fee of the sale and give you many other comparison as to how much other sites charge you. Yeah Right!! What they DO,NOT TELL YOU. Is that after you make a Sale.

You Not,only have to pay 9%,but you also have to pay an extra $2.00 for the transfer transaction to your paypal account,plus 2.9% of your balance to paypal. So what happened to the..we Only charge "9%"??? They shouldn't lie and just be upfront with all the charges. By Far..EBAY IS THE BEST.

No,hidden Fees and they always take care of you. 3% charge and 2.9% for Paypal users. So 6%..

Can they TOP THAT?? I Don't think so...

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Think about this for a sec. Tradesy offers weekly sales on different merchandise, 10% off.

If they charge you 9%, but will pay 10%...where's the profit? How are they making $? They're breaking even? If I sell something for $100, they pay $10 and I pay $9.

So...they deposit "safe transfer fee" into a high-interest account? Hmm...Food for thought.


I'm not very happy with Tradesy right now for their hidden fee of 2.9%. I just found out from selling my first item and trying to transfer funds. There's an extra charge of 2.9% for getting your money out into your own account!!!


I totally agree! VERY shady business practice, no matter how other businesses are doing their business.

I did not find out about the 2.9% "Safe Transfer" fee...to my debit card... until after I made a sale. My first thought was, is that legal to charge for "safe transfer" when a bank already assures your safety?

I truly feel robbed on the back end, OKAY Tradsey? It's wrong to not be upfront, and believe me I read all the details about selling and no where did that fact of the 2.9% appear until AFTER I had a sale.


You are clearly don't know what you are talking about. What about eBay's 10% FVF?

What do you have to do if you have a return and to claim this 10% FVF back? Paypal also charges you 3% sale when you sold an item on ebay. What about eBay keeps taking your items down just because a disgrunted person reporting it and it will take you an average of 2 weeks to have it back on-or never?

Ebay NEVER will take care of you.

Keep hanging on in there and one day you will see.

New York, New York, United States #901990

I second what review #483061 said. Ebay is by far the most expensive selling option (they take the highest fees all combined) and has the worst customer service.

The do literally nothing for you.

So happy to see that there are other options out there! Competitors please keep on coming as there is a large number of disappointed sellers out there!

to ***edatebay Houston, Texas, United States #915765

Umm, Someone needs to get their facts Straight! eBay does NOT charge only 3%!!


I agree that Tradesy acts shadey tacking on the "transfer fee" which applies to not just PayPal transfer but to transfer your earnings into your bank account as well-... oh and Please Do not forget their insane markup on Shipping Prices they Strick buyers with!


eBay charges 10%, not 3%.

California, United States #863389

eBay charges takes 9% for handbags, clothing and shoes. 7.2% if your a Top Rated Seller.

eBay also charges 9% of your shipping fees, if you do not offer free shipping. Example: If you charge $20.00 for shipping, eBay charges you $1.80. PayPal charges 4% no matter what. It doesn't matter what site your own, i.e., Poshmark, ebay, etsy, etc.

If you use "direct checkout" on ANY site, which means you take credit cards, you'll be charged a fee for for transferring the money to your account. This is the cost of doing business. Granted, if this is happening, they should be upfront about the fees. I'm a new seller to Tradesy.

I haven't sold anything yet, and I'll be interested to see how the fees breakdown after my first sale.

The lowest fees by far are etsy.com. However, they only allow vintage goods and they are very strict about their policies.

The fee structure is 3.5% + .20 per unit to list. Payment fees are the same.

Long Beach, California, United States #816239

Ebay is going to smash this site like the cockroaches that they are. This crapshoot of a site isn't even worth coming back to.

Who wants to buy a USED chanel or lv purse that's got dents and rips in it? I wanted to purchase a dress on that site for a vacation I was planning and the seller decided to change her mind last minute claiming that it had a large ripe on the side!! False advertising at its best I must say.

If the dress had a rip on the side then why bother putting up on the site to begin with? I'm sticking with ebay :D

Enid, Oklahoma, United States #814319

eBay takes 10%, plus they force you to use PayPal, which is owned by eBay, and charge fees there as well. If you sell on ebay, they take 10% from the sale, either 2.9 or 3.5% (can't remember) using PayPal. How did you come up with 6%?

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