Please beware of this company. I signed up through a friend and was told I would get a $25 credit towards my first purchase.

I even snapped a screen shot of the post so I wouldnt get screwed over. After I signed up I never received my credit. I sent an email and got a reply from "brandon". He told me that I was not getting my credit as since I signed up under the referral link it was $25 off a $100 purchase.

Nowhere when I signed up did it say that. They refused to give me my credit and honor their word.

They claim it was a "glitch" in their system. So I had my account deleted and urged my friends to do the same.

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Where does it say this person was just out to get free stuff? Who said they werent going to spend $50 or more but didnt want to blow $100.

Sorry some people budget a certain amount for clothes so discounts/credits help. Not everyone is all about free stuff so quit trying to be all holier than thou


Haha. You people..are you for real?

It's obvious you don't know or respect anything about business. A company has to make money. You basically are complaining about not getting $25 worth of FREE stuff from Tradesy. Or course it was a 'glitch' or mistake.

Any other company with this kind of sale offer would have a minimum that you would have to purchase.

So sorry you weren't able to steal from the company. You know steal..take without paying a dime.

to Anonymous #835911

Who said they were trying to get free stuff? Who said they didnt have a strict budget to follow?

You know some people can only afford so much on their income so discounts/credits help their money stretch to get more. Quit the "holier than thou" BS because you arent any better than the OP by accusing them of trying to steal when you dont know what the true circumstances were

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