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I have been selling with Tradesy for some time. Most of the sell in the past go through nicely and very impressive.

I sold over 60s Authentic Louis Vuitton items with most buyer satisfaction and shipped in 1 day.

My recent experience with Tradesy is way over control and very upsetting. My sold item was deemed to be replica by a house Authenticator without any NOTICE they shut down my account and hold all my funds. The sold item is also authentic as I purchased directly through the store and have all the receipt that has my name and personal detail on it. Also I have a verification with Authenticatefirst to confirm with them. I have been trying to clear this up but they're not very cooperative and they dont connect me to Return Department through the phone. I have about 5k In Escrow right now and willing to have my money that as we all supposed to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service, Policies and procedures, How sellers treated, How sellers are treated, Lack of customer service.

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What happened to your account? I am experiencing the same thing.

They suspended my account and keep my authentic chanel bag (authenticated by my poupette). Did they finally release your fund and reinstate your account?


I've sold on Tradesy for long time and this sounds fishy. If they pulled your item and locked your acct it usually means you've sold several items that are being returned for being not authentic...not just one.

to Anonymous Tucker, Georgia, United States #949703

what sounds fishy? They told me that they pulled the account because of there is another return request with questioning of authenticity issues.

But without having the items back to them, without any inspection or words. They said that they got scared and then pulled my account. Is this fair?

My items and all my listing always have clear pictures of the important parts that use to verify the item if it's authentic or not. They at least should wait and receive the item back and inspect it before making a false claim.

to Anonymous #949826

You said "another" this means more than one item....

Also, they didn't do anything except lock your acct until it's resolved. They will wait to get items back and then make a determination.

If it's as you say, I'm sure it will be fine. They have to watch out for buyers too and make sure if there are multiple would alert me too.

Every "store" has returns here and there, just part of selling. But when there's multiple they owe at least looking at it.

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