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I listed a Chanel tote complete with detailed description, multiple photos, and a ton of information about the bag including authenticity card, etc. it was a bag I had purchased from Tradesy and was looking to sell it in order to purchase another bag.

I was immediately contacted by an interested buyer who begged me to drop the price. So I did. I shipped with Tradesy shipping kit and followed every procedure correctly. The buyer stalked me Til the bag arrived to her.

When she got it she messaged me complaining that the packaging wasn't done well, was very critical of the PRE OWNED item that was specifically stated in the description as well as shown in the photos. Horrible buyer! Was very insulting to me. Ended up returning the bag, which I'm happy about because she doesn't deserve such a beautiful item.

I advised her to visit her local Neiman Marcus and purchase a brand new bag since she is so picky about minor details. Also, Tradesy holds your money forever even when your sell is successful.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Geez, tradesy doesn't hold your funds forever. Come on, be truthful.

Only during the escrow period of a few days after there's confirmation your item has shipped will they release the funds. I've sold here for the past 2 years and no problems so far.

to Anonymous #1000877

Shut up. Obviously they held her funds forever.

She had to ship it and then wait for item to be shipped back.

Maybe even shipped to tradesy somewhere in there. This person shared their experience so don't knock her because u had a different one or u know, u work for tradesy.

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