Guymon, Oklahoma

I sold an authentic LV bandeau.... After the customer received, 4days later I could transfer the money into my Paypal.....

This is the 3rd day since transferring and it still hasn't shown up into account!! When I messaged them their reply was really rude! Telling me that if I had proofif purchase!! I sent with receipt!!

I'm very disappointed in this app!!! People be careful when dealing with them!! Hopefully you will get your money! If you still use make sure you put up items that you don't need the money within at least 3 weeks!!!

There is other sites that is much better!! I was referred by a friend for this site!!

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Not understanding why it would take 22 days to transfer funds into my account. something is not quite right with this business practice I won't be utilizing them again


I sold my bag on October 3rd via Tradesy. The next day I shipped the bag.

Funds were made available on Oct 11th (you have an option to keep the funds as Tradesy Credit). Otherwise, Tradesy will deduct an additional 2.9% of you sales if you choose to withdraw the money.

I immediately transferred the funds through my Checking account. It is already October 16 and I still dont have the money in my bank account.

to MCloset #1395180

Just curious did you ever receive your funds??

California, United States #873893

Not my experience at all and I have had over 400 sales. They do place a 3 day hold on designer items, from the date the buyer receives it, but after that they money has always been available. But you have to request the transfer to PayPal, they do not do it automatically in case you want to spend the money on the site.


with Poshmark your money is directly transferred into your banking account within around 5 days, which I LOVE, but I sell my items quicker on Tradesy. I haven't tried to get money out of my Tradesy account yet, now after reading all of these horror stories, I'm scared!

to Kat #1378003

I can’t get my money from Tradesy sense sept 25. Today oct 12

Congers, New York, United States #833432

What other sites do you use that you feel are more reliable?

Cicero, Illinois, United States #823804

I am also dealing with the same issue!


I'm dealing with the same problem right now!

Did yours ever go through?

to Chi #810767

No, I am still getting bogus answers as to why I am not getting paid.

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