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I have been selling luxury goods on Tradsey since April or May of 2015. Most of my experiences that year were positive.

They charged 9% of the sales price with shipping paid by the buyer. It was pretty high shipping because they sent a nice kit for you to mail out. They advertised free shipping which really wasn't true. They added it to the sales price and said free shipping.

They must have got in trouble because they still ad the shipping to the price but say shipping included. I am going to bullet issues they have and then tell my story. Please read if you are doing business with them or are thinking of such so you can know what to expect. 1)The policy was to hold the sales funds till buyer received the goods and they had a inspection period of 4 days to return.

If all went well on the 4th day the funds were automatically released at the literal time the goods were delivered. This was always time evident from the tracking. If your buyer emailed you before the 4 day period was up that they were happy and going to keep your goods Tradsey would release your funds at that time. Recently they would no longer release funds early as buyers could change their mind they said.

New rule...Ok I get that and accept that but now they can hold your funds up to 21 days after the buyers 4 day inspection period. New rule they said... Why is that a policy that is right? They are holding funds collected over a month and it doesn't belong to them.

2) In late 2016 I noticed it was taking longer for the funds once released to get to my pay pal account even though on every other site Paypal was instant. The bank was going to take longer so I opted for Paypal. (They released for transfer today 334.66 out of 344.50. That's a pretty large transfer fee.) It appeared they were using a different processing company instead of doing themselves.

This started in November of 2016. It use to be 2 days tops and into my Paypal recently it went to 3-5 days mainly taking the full 5 days. I just saw they changed it to 3-7 days. I am currently waiting on a phone call from a supervisor that never happened even though I have called twice today and have a email that they were calling??

They are charging more money to transfer but taking 3x longer than they use too. More money less service. 3)Their commission went to a 14% in early 2017. I understand that fees go up but 5%?

and service goes down? 4) Recently I went in to post some things to my closet and they had put my closet on a 10% off sale. They had done this before but Tradsey always had absorbed the 10% themselves. I soon discovered that no longer would they be doing it that way.

It came from my proceeds. When I opted in for 10% off sales when setting up my closet in 2015 it was different. This policy was changed with no notification. It really caused some undo stress as I had just worked out a price reduction on something with a client below the Tradsey sales price and fixed this listing for her purchase.

Tradsey automatically reduced another 10% even though it was below the original sales price. I had to cancel that sale. 5) They cut back to only being open from 8am till 1pm and a non- existant staff. Maybe that is why they cant send your transfer to the processing department.

Which when questioned closer is a processing company? First they tell me their processing takes 5 days to get to the other company. These cut backs are sure signs of a company in financial trouble. They are going to be in a lot more trouble if they keep losing buyers and sellers.

There is no Tradsey without us. 6)Basically they are charging more, taking a long time to release funds, once released they are taking a ridiculous amount of time to give you your money they have been sitting on. Lets do some math here. I had a LV bag ( last sale recent) in my closet up for 450.00.

It was a very nice Louis Vuitton Tote worth close to 600.00. Tradsey ran a sale and this bag was reduced to 405.00 there was 10.50 added for shipping. Thats 2.00 more than it was afew months ago. I learned some time back not to use their shipping kit.

It would add additional 45.00 to the buyer. I've been trying to help them. I started at 450.00 Today the funds became available to transfer. After the 10%sale, Tradsey fees, and a hefty transfer fee I am getting 334.66.

that is 115.34 less than where I started. Ok I swallowed that but now I look today and discover the funds are going to take 3 to 7 days to appear in paypal. New rule they said. I say get a new processing company.

It use to be 2 days tops then it went to 3-5 days now it is 3-7 days. They just say that's our processing time. Another company does that. I am sitting here waiting on a call from a supervisor that I really don't believe is going to call since they closed at 1pm.

I have a email confirming they will call. I thought buyers were being treated well until I read some of their reviews. I have mainly sold not bought on this site. Being a upfront person I was ashamed of the things I read that had happened to the buyers.

Integrity is everything. I have a shop on Etsy I have had since 2012 but only really active since 2014. I have over 700 sales, 1000 shop favorites and nearly 300 five star reviews. Funds are available the day after purchase to deposit and purchases made with paypal are instant.

I started with Tradsey because not all of my items are 20 yrs+ which is a rule for Etsy's shop owners. I am a retired widow living on a fixed income. I can live with the changes up to the point where it takes too long for a transfer and holding funds longer than the 4 day inspection period. The increases I am now going to have to pass on to my buyers.

I needed the money they are sitting on and lolly gagging around for a impending surgery. I have been forced to look else where for marketing and their are many venues out there.

I would like to see integrity from Tradsey restored to buyers and sellers alike. I have had 164 sales of which there were only 2 returned I believe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Not great for selling, Pay outs when you sell soething.

  • High Fees
  • Ignored Emails
  • Ignored Call Backs
  • Non Payment
  • Poor Payout
  • Talked Down To Clients
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Yeah. I have ordered three watches from Tradesy and now wished I hadn't.

I USED to love them. Tradesy seems bottom barrel now.

to Wendy m #1569685

I agree! What a shame. Cant wait to an honest, classy website opens up.

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