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This website is a big scam,if you are seller they don't have any policy to protect you ,if the buyer decide to return for any reason they will return your item to you and waist your time and energy. They hold your earnings for ever and they drag their response to your inquiry for ever too.

if they are going to return your item back to you they take forever to send your item back to you.

This is not a serious business they have rude and an qualified stuff

its a big scam.

I don't recommend it to anybody.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have been selling on Tradesy for years with hundreds of sales. The 3 returns that were made NEVER came back to me, as I described them exactly in my listing plus I only sell brand new items.

The customer just didn't like the fit or the style. That is what I appreciate, I don't need to hassle with returns.

I have always been paid immediately when I ship, even before the buyer receives it or if it is a designer item after the escrow period has expired. What I do agree with this poster is that the staff is rude and highly unqualified.

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