They claim that they will provide the Seller with the shipping materials but in realitythey only provide small and medium size plastic bags. Therefore most items youwill have to find boxes for and ship yourself. Many items are at risk of being damagedinside a bag e.g., anything with rhinestones, sequins, beading, etc. Most items will notfit it their bags e.g., dresses, suits, jackets, shoes, purses, etc., so I would say thisis misleading. If the item arrives damaged from being inside of a bag then the Sellers will not get paid and will have a damaged item returned to them.

They claim that you can send all your photos to them and they will edit them andmake your items look amazing. In reality they will not edit anything. They onlymake the background white on your one "Photo Cover" that is featured on their site. You have to edit everything yourself.

It's difficult when posting photos because they only appear as Snap Shots and aretoo small to view and position how you want them. You will only be able to recognizeyour one "Cover Photo". After your post them you can then edit them but not duringthe drafting stage.

It is my understanding that the Seller will never have a return unless it's proven thatthe item being sold was misrepresented. There are so many complaints from Sellershere and other places, that this doesn't seem to be true.

I sure hope this company turns itself around because the owner said on a TV showthat she has $500 million from investors. I hope all these investors don't lose theirmoney. Wonder if they read these reviews.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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