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I ordered a wedding dress from Jennifer M. through Tradesy.

Do not buy from her. https://www.tradesy.com/closet/1783291/ The dress was nothing like the photos that were posted. The dress was listed as Summer 1019 Wedding dress. I attached three pictures from the listing.

The last photo is my daughter in the dress. The top is dark ivory. The skirt is white with a pink hue. I was most upset by the skirt.

I had no indication that the underskirt was short and the whole thing is see-through. I hoped my seamstress could use at least part of this dress, but it is a total lost cause. I will never use Tradesy again.

Although I contacted Tradesy immediately and explained that I wanted my seamstress to see the dress, the company will not allow a return after the four days. I believe this is an exception since it was so woefully misrepresented.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $96.

Preferred solution: Full refund, but I will return the dress at my expense..

I didn't like: Misrepresenting items, Tradesy has no control over quality.

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Omg that's awful! The dress us nothing alike the pictures in the ad.

Tradesy should returned your money no matter how many days it's been. Sometimes you don't even have time to go to post office.

Beside its not your fault that the seller is a scammer to trick people in buying a bad product. Tradesy should protect a buyer in anyway they can.

to Anonymous #1543167

I Totally agree, the buyer Should be protected at all costs. Read ebays policy I am not saying that ebay is Perfect just that as long as I've been dealing with and through them all of my purchases have been BACKED 100% by Ebay. Why not give them a try?


That seller should be ashamed of herself, thanks for the warning.....sorry this happened to you.

Vallejo, California, United States #1074140

I would complain, too. The bride looks nothing like the one in the ad.


Wow. What a dishonest seller.

She posted 4 beautiful pictures of a dress that looks nothing like the last picture and the one she sent you. I feel really bad for you and I agree that the skirt was EXTREMELY misrepresented. Did you send your pictures to Tradesy? After seeing them they should automatically refund you.

If you put it on a credit card I would stop payment. Email Tradesy and tell them you are reporting them to the BBB and the state of California Consumer Protection Agency, maybe when they hear that they will refund you.

to Anonymous #1073751

Thank you for your support.

to Anonymous #1074869

If the buyer would have sent the dress back stating it was misrepresented as soon as she open the box she would have gotten a full refund. This is not Tradesys fault but more of the buyers fault.

I have bought and received items that were misrepresented and trust me I requested a free return request within minutes and ship the very next day. Tradesy review and refunded my money back quickly. It was wrong that the seller lied but the buyer also needs to own up to her mistake. Oh I'm a customer.

I do not work for Tradesy. I'm just sharing my experience and I believe this buyer is blaming Tradesy for her mistake.

to Anonymous #1074995

I notified Tradesy immediately also.

to Anonymous #1078817

It's not enough to "notify"... You need to take ACTION within the timeframe outlined in the terms and conditions of the sale.

You can't keep merchandise, parade it around town for days, then miss the send-back deadline and expect the company make an exception for YOUR error. That's just not how it works.

to Anonymous #1543168

I would still report that website, they shouldn't be in business!

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