Watch out for Mother of the Bride on tradesy. She is a scam artist.

Please google her user name and you will see that she has scammed a lot of us already. Then she acts like another person and leaves herself good reviews.. Be on the look out. So far we know she buys her items from TableClothfactory.com - save on crafts.com-afloral.com-oriental trading

She buys from the sites, acts like she is a store owner and tacks on $100.00+ for her profit.

If your package is short or missing items she ignores you! She did it to me. Example: I bought 20 Lace runners from her. The box said tableclothfactory (it was drop shipped) I looked up the site out of curiosity and come to find out....

The 20 runners only cost $45.00 for all 20. That even includes shipping cost! She charged me $120.00!! I was so pissed..

All her votives, vases,ribbon all come from save on crafts.. If you ask her to ship the item next day, she cant do it.. She says ups ground takes up to 11 days!!

WHAT!!! I totally know what she is doing...

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #945851

If you know she is buying her items from websites and reselling them on Tradesy...why dont you just go to the same websites she buys from to get a better price?

No one forces you to buy from her if you know she adds $100 to her price.


The person who posted this review has posted several false reviews. Review after review with no proof.

She was a seller herself at one time but she has now been banned from the website. She must have plenty of time on her hands now.

If she has proof she should present it and ask for a refund. I wonder why this has never been done........she is a fake.


Tradesy is trully as scam & ***!!!

Oregon, United States #867204

I had the same thing happen to me you should report her directly to tradesy so they can kick her off and this doesn't happen to other brides I have reported her already

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