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i have been trying to receive my funds (1303.00) and according to Tradesy, this funds will be released if I submit my social security or government ID.

im not in the habit of providing my social security and have tried (unsuccessfully) to upload my government identification.

i have failed to upload, several servers have been tried. i personally feel they have their site geared to only accept my social security.

i simply want OUT OF THIS TRADESY ACCOUNT. THEY ARE NOT HELPFUL. /they simply tell me to try another server (fails) or supplied my social security.

i have just had it.

i have tried to remained patient. this site will kill me quicker than the cancer I'm fighting!

Reason of review: simple payout and closing of this account.

I didn't like: Policies and procedures.

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New York, New York, United States #1061105

I was wondering why the social security number was required as I don't feel comfortable providing that information to just anyone. I thought it might have to do with tax purposes.


If you want to sell, you need to provide your SS#. It's just for tax reasons.

I love Tradesy. Have been selling since January and no problems

to Anonymous #1430968

Hi, will Tradesy be the one who will Send me the 1099k or Stripe if I pass the Treashold of $20,000 but not the 200 transaction ?


I can sympathize. I was extremely upset that Tradesy instituted this requirement WITHOUT any advance notice.

Had they done that, those of us who had balances could have transferred them before this info was required. I have written emails and have spoken to Tradesy and because I received so many contradictory responses I finally had to contact Stripe, the company Tradesy contracted to handle this, in order to get a better understanding of what and why this was now required. I am sorry to say but from what I have learned, in order to get your money you must comply. I also think only your Social Security Number will work, because if you meet certain IRS guidelines they will issue a 1099 to report your income to the IRS.

Stripe emailed me and said I must make over $20,000 AND withdraw money over 200 times in a fiscal year before the 1099 is sent to the IRS. I am so very sorry to hear of your illness this is just what you don't need.

to Anonymous #1000778

I'm so sorry to ear of your illness. I have a feeling u will beat it.

Just believe.

As far as tradesy..I know u can use the credit to purchase other stuff on tradesy. Do they require UR social for that??

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