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I have been a seller for nearly 2 years and really like Tradesy even though sales are slow. Until my two most recent sales, I always received my PayPal transfer next day, now I am beginning to experience the same long wait periods others have reported.

There is no real excuse for the long wait. I have been a PayPal user for more than 10 years and know how the process works.

One can only assume the long wait is for the purpose of using seller funds for some undisclosed reason to Tradesy's advantage. I'm beginning to feel that they have grown to quickly and are experiencing major issues that can't be publicly disclosed for fear that sellers might quit the site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Just providing feedback.

I liked: Website and mobile site.

I didn't like: How sellers treated.

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It’s BS I’ve been selling on Tradesy here and there for a few years now and bc I sold a gown I have to wait 21 days then on top of that I have to wait an additional 7 more days for the money to transfer into my account. I emailed them and they said that weekends and holidays don’t count wth this is absurd!!!

It’s been a whole month and now they’re telling me weekends don’t count!!

Seriously!! Somethings up.


I’m new to Tradesy it’s has been over 10 days and my funds are still not in my bank account when It states 7 or more depending on my bank but I use other seller sights and my money is transferred the next day. I really need my cash.

I emailed them and nothing. Anyone have any way I can reach out to them besides the damn email they provide and don’t like to get back on?

to Heavenlyrose #1517063

It takes them about 24-48 hours to respond. They’re slow but they’ll respond.


Tradesy is a flat out scam. No way does it take 21 days and another 7 days to reach your paypal account. These guys are simply floating your money.


It's ridiculous. You have to wait 4 to 21 days for funds to be available after a sale and then when transferring to paypal or my bank it takes another 7 days? That's just insane!


Agree 100%. I've been with them a little over 2 years and this has recently happened to me 3 times.


Will be closing my account! I've had buyers returning items because it wasn't their style or the Louis Vuitton I sent them wasn't real even though receipt accompanied bag!

Now, I'm waiting for my funds to appear in my account from an item I sold! I have a feeling I'll be waiting a long time!


I am cancelling my seller account. I have also had to wait forever, now 21 days, for my funds to be into my account and then 7 days for it to be transferred to pay pal.

If they don't get their act together, there will not be a tradesy website as lots of sellers are leaving.

I agree...they have to be having issues as customer service is only working 8 to 12 and no weekends. Sad sad company

to Lisa #1395404

I sold a bracelet and necklace on November 6. Buyer received it on November 8.

Money was not put into my Tradesy account until November 17. This was after I emailed Tradesy complaining about the delay. Money from sell was available for transfer November 17. I initiated the transfer to PayPal.

As of November 24, I still don’t have the money transferred into my PayPal account.

As everyone knows it takes seconds for transfers to show up. Tradesy is using our money to finance their business.

to Anonymous #1462605

did you ever get your money transferred to PayPal? Im still waiting for mine.

to sarah9911 #1464877

Its been 10 days and I still haven't received my money to paypal


I agree, I've been selling on Tradesy since 2013 and now it takes 4 days for funds to be available to withdraw, plus after their percentage of sale is deducted, then they charge u a transfer fee! Unbelievable, and this is new since I began selling with them.

I sell on Poshmark also and they charge their percentage, that's it. And once you withdraw funds it goes the next day, or following day! Plus Tradesy has raised their shipping rate to over $10!

I ship most of my items for under $6! This isnt fair, to buyer or seller.


Tradesy treats sellers despicably-sometimes illegally-and in my opinion it has been getting worse.

I have been selling on Tradesy for over 3.5 years and my sales went up quickly UNTIL they created a new class of seller the "Business Member".

When they started selling,about 1.5 years ago, my sales started to decrease,slowly at first but now on average I sell $2,300.00 a MONTH less although my inventory has not changed. My regular buyers question why the items I have "on sale" NEVER appear when they click the "On-Sale" tab at the top of every screen. Tradesy ONLY shows the items "Business" Members have on sale so buyers naturally assume that is ALL that is on sale and many/most times look no further. When I asked Tradesy they told me my closet does not include an inventory consisting of predominately "designer" brands like LV.

Prada,Rolex,Chanel i.e. the ones that earn Tradesy large commissions on individual sales. I sell none of those brands my 700 + sales have been mainly Kors, kate spade,Coach,Free People...Basically Tradesy is telling me I am not wanted consequently since I don't stay where I am not wanted I will leave after I sell my inventory which will probably take YEARS because no one knows my items are are sale. Sorry I just had to vent.

Regarding PayPal my experience is much different than yours and clearly something is wrong with how you have been treated.

The evening of June 18th I requested a transfer of my very meager earnings and immediately received an email notification from Tradesy acknowledging my request the email also said the transfer would happen within 3-5 business days. The morning of the 21st, PayPal sent me an email informing me the deposit was made and I transferred it that day. Except for 1 instance, the 1st year, this has always been the case;that one problem was a PayPal issue and Tradesy stepped in to fix it.

Unfortunately for sellers Tradesy's Customer Service is non-existent especially for sellers and they could careless if you have a problem now.

If I were you I would DEMAND Tradesy explain send them the same email several times a DAY so they waste time reading and handling it. I would also check with PayPal just in case

to Anonymous #1375565

I just might do that!! Ive sold over $5500 on tradesy and it takes forever to get my money!

Plus they "fee" me twice, on the sale, then on the withdraw & transfer of funds! Cmon, thats ridiculous.

On top of that they raised the shipping rate to over $10 ! I ship most every item for under $6!

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