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I was on Tradesy for almost a year, during which I sold almost 50 items without incident. Then I shipped a dress to a seller.

I received my earnings without incident. But 3 weeks later, I received an email from Melissa at Tradesy stating that the buyer had filed a misrepresentation claim. (According to Tradesy's website, the misrepresentation claim must be filed within 4 days and the seller will receive notice. I never heard anything prior to this time.) Melissa demanded that I deposit the funds in a paypal account to reimburse Tradesy.

When I called the customer service number, Tradesy would not give me any information as to what the claim was about and said I could only get information by emailing Melissa. Tradesy said Melissa would contact me. She did not. After several emails, Melissa finally said the claim was that the dress had makeup stains.

There were no such stains when the dress (which I had worn 2 hours and had dry cleaned before listing) was shipped. Clearly the buyer had tried it on and stained it. But Melissa did not care, and would not respond to the rest of my questions. She made clear that it did not matter what condition the dress was shipped in, and expected me to take back a now damaged dress (despite the fact it was relisted on Tradesy's website and listed as no longer available so apparently they had already sold it!).

Long story short, I had to close my account despite a previously positive experience. Don't sell on this site because if a buyer wants to file a claim, they have no interest in the seller's position.

Each email I received probably took 5 seconds to type and did not address any of my concerns. Zero customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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