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I documented before shipping and all. Even attached personal bands reading “do not remove.” They were removed, my $5k velvet Chanel bag was returned used and destroyed. The buyer didn’t even return the original tags, duster nor the serial card. 4 days after I contacted Tradesy about the return condition of my bag, I get a message saying “

Thanks for writing in, and my apologies for any delay in getting back to you. We have a strict process set in place for items that arrive at Tradesy HQ. Our team thoroughly inspects each item to ensure the item does not hold any wear that may not have been present prior to shipment. This process includes reviewing listing images, listing publishing dates, return time frame, shipment time frame from delivery to the buyer, etc.. Upon review of your item, we did not feel this is a case of wear and return. I would be more than happy to see if they still have the authenticity card, dust bag, and price cards to ship back. I'll be in touch as soon as I hear back.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance in the meantime, I'm happy to help.


Melissa R.

Tradesy Returns”

What trash. I attached photos of how my bag was returned after a week of the seller obviously using it carelessly.

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