I've sold on Tradesy for awhile now. I buy on sale and generally, after shipping, seller fees and transfer fees, I'm lucky to make $20 on an item. Lots of work for my money. I noticed for the Holidays that some sellers had a heading on their listing "ships in one day". I chatted up Tradesy asking how I could have the same; as I always ship in 1 day M-S. I was told it's only for their best sellers. What's the criteria, I ask. I was told I can go into my listing and put that note in the header. Yeah, one by one. They certainly play favorites, don't communicate criteria. I've had 2 items returned in 2 years. One was clearly taken for a spin and the buyer changed their mind, so how could I resell a new handbag with the tag off the bag and inside it? It didn't deliver that way. The other they said had a scratch on the leather. I couldn't find it.

Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields seem to be their in-house sellers who get the added bennie of being listed out as favorites.

I recently sold a bag on 11/27 and the seller wanted to return it. We are never notified of this, we have to mete out the information when they take back money and throw it in escrow. So this item was on escrow until 12/4/15. It's now 12/17/15 and I've sent emails about this twice and they were ignored. They treat their sellers like ebay started to do around 2005. We are chopped liver, but without listings, where would they be? They need newsletters, or even more FAQ for sellers if they are not going to respond to your messages/emails.

In short, I'm avidly seeking another venue.

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It's a couple months later, but I'm dealing with the exact same ***. I've been selling on Tradesy for over a year-and-a-half, and I've ALWAYS shipped within one business day.

Always. When I called and asked about having that option added to my account, she told me it was a "trial option", only available to a select few. I told them that I definitely qualify, since I showed consistent shipping etiquette. They told me they would put me on a waiting list!

No mention of when, if ever, they would get to me and decide in my favor. apparently you have to be in bed or be personal friends with the employees to get the perks. They are ALL about selling their stuff on sale, but they quit being impartial with putting stuff on sale. If the User ID has Beatles album title, it's Tradesy.

Abbey Road, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane...that's Tradesy. They will accept returns, sure.

That means whatever they "bought" on return takes priority over our items! All they care about is the Almighty Dollar, so selling their own stuff is priority to them.


Well it looks like I'm not crazy after all... I'm having the same problems as everyone else is.

And then when you want to speak to a manager Meghan is her name I was told point blank!!! she does not speak to people on the phone she only emails. I'm on hold right now.

YOU CAN NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!! WE need to get the word out!!!!!!


Thanks for your post. I too wondered the about the "ship in 1 day" and how it was defined.

Especially at Christmas it puts all the other sellers at a huge disadvantage. My last sale was 12/14 and I am sure since my listings were not identified as 1 day shipping I lost sales. Last year my last was 12/23. My sales page shows that I ship in 1 day, I have sold over $70,000 worth of items, all new with tags in 2.5 years, everything under $400.00, so a lot of individual sales and with no returns to me.

But I guess I am not considered a good seller. I agree that they play favorites and I have complained about this before but to no avail, they say they don't!! Not true, besides Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields they have other names by which they sell and have 'special' sales on their items "ONLY" many times a year, so they are self promoting quite a bit to the detriment of the individual sellers. The website was started for 'individual' sellers NOT for themselves.

How is any of this fair? Clearly this is just another way sellers are treated poorly.

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