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They just sent me an email and removed money from my account 3 plus months later stating a bag I sold was not authentic. The bag is 100% authentic and was used by the buyer now for over 3 months.

Money was just debited automatically from my account 3 plus months later without discussing with me. An email was sent to me after the funds were taken out.

This is completely unethical to allow this type of business and make a claim that a bag is not authentic when it is and treat a seller this way with no regard to an item they are selling. There is no respect here for sellers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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San Carlos, California, United States #1233419

Tradesy hardly ever takes the seller's side, especially in regards to high end items. I pulled every 'designer' item I had listed - LV,Prada,Chanel etc.

for the exact same reason. Tradesy only cares about its bottom line and that means catering to sellers who sell high end items so they will earn bigger commissions on those sales. Last year they changed how they did business and decided the small sellers who made then successful are now expendable. I can sell 20 items at $100 each and Tradesy will receive $238.00 in commission and fees.

But the new seller with 'designer' inventory can sell 1 item at $2,000 and get them the same commission. If you are selling a lot of designer items Tradesy will stand by you but if you are a small seller with only a few high end items Tradesy has no reason to defend you as you have little impact on their bottom line.

Sorry this happened to you- I will never sell or buy a high end item on Tradesy just too risky. But there are a lot of great small sellers who provide excellent service and quality items sadly they are harder to find now because Tradesy won't promote their closets-no money in it for them.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1235884

thanks for your response. They also returned my bag in terrible condition and torn apart.

It was completely ruined. What a disaster- they are not taking any responsibility. They are saying it was determined inauthentic...but by who? There is no basis for their claim.

The bag was purchased at a reputable premier department store and they claim that their internal department reviewed the item and is not liable because it is inauthentic.

They are dismissing themselves of any liability and ruined my $750 designer bag. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!

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