This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT TRUE. Where on earth do you get a full refund without returning the merchandise you received, and IT COSTS YOU NOTHING, TRADESY sends you a return label, so YOU, paid no shipping at all.

You are definitely not a buyer I would want to encounter, sorry, but Tradesy is right about this one. If I sent you by error the wrong thing, HOW IS THAT TRADESY'S FAULT. It would cost you nothing to return it, not even Ebay ANYMORE THANK HEAVENS, can you pull a scam like that, getting free merchandise.

Also no more dsr defects and negative feedback does not count on seller performance as well as cases open, do not hurt a seller anymore, sure there are a lot of disappointed buyers like yourself who no longer get freebies. I agree, Tradesy has changed a lot, and not for the better in many ways, but your reason is just plain entitled and unfair.


Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Tradesy isnt exactly Nordstroms now ia it? With inflated retail prices comes some benefits, you get gently loved items on tradesy for a fraction of retail, so of course they dont have a "nordstrom" return policy.

Too many people want and expect the champagne experience on a beer budget. True entitlement at its greatest!


If I bought an item from Nordstrom, as I often do, and it did not please me in any way, they would send the UPS driver to my door to pick up the box and return it/them. Nordstrom is legendary for their customer service and that is why I continue to buy from them.

Once, when a strap on a handbag failed, I took the bag back to them, and asked if they could do anything.

(I expected they might be able to fix the strap.) The woman behind the counter disappeared for a moment, and then re-appeared, with a new bag, exactly like my bag, filled with my things, and gave it back to me, wishing me a good day. That is why I shop there!

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