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This is a Joke! The payout comes with yet another fee of 2.9%!

Tradesy is the worst... With such a "high end" site there should definitely be a payout option that has no additional hidden fee.

Even Poshmark offers to mail a check.

When you sell an expensive item, an additional 2.9% is a lot of the profits. Tradesy already sucks up 10% of my sale. Apparently that's not enough for them. You're over a barrel if you want to get the money out of your account, and they don't make an effort at all to explain in the beginning that they will want yet another 2.9% of your earnings in the end.

Tradesy, you suck.


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Ft. Worth, Texas, United States #1343466

Its not even 10% + 2.9% anymore its now 14.9% + 2.9% so you re now paying 18% commission them, on top of their absurd $10.50 shipping labels and higher fees for items sold under $50, they no longer include small selelrs in site wide sales, they hold your money now for 4-21 days after delivery on all items now, they also hold your money on ALL returns now even when the buyer doesnt initiate a misrepresentation claim. They also force sellers to take back most returns even when the item was accurately described because they made a ridiculous return for any reason policy on a resale website and now dont want to be stuck honoring their own policy! tradesy has totally gone down the sewer for sellers.


I had no issues determining exactly what Tradesy's fees were, including the 'Safe Transfer Fee.' It's listed clearly so if you sign on to sell there, that's how it goes.

That said, you could take issue with the entire concept of a 'Safe Transfer Fee' on a payout to PayPal. PayPal is, in and of itself, a safe e-commerce payment site that charges a fee to ensure safe monetary transactions between parties, so charging an additional fee to receive money that way is kinda funny to me.

Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #1180553

Tradesy makes it clear up front exactly what their fees are, instead of griping on a public forum, perhaps you should have spent an extra 10 seconds reading their policies regarding payouts. No other sites out there offer such a low commission, tradesy takes a grand total of 11.9% to cash out, or 9% if you use your earnings in the site.

Nobody forced you to use tradesy. Next time read a sites policies ahead of time and blame yourself for not doing so instead of the site who makes it very clear ahead of time. Poshmark is a joke in comparison yet they charge 20% of every sale and even more on items priced $15 or less AND a flat $6.99 shipping fer no matter what. Tradesy has the cheapest commission out there and also accept returns at their expense so the seller doesnt have to.

I guess you thought they were a charity and werent suppossed to make a dime off of your sales? Perhaps you should open your own site if paying other sites a standard fee is such a problem for you.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1282399

How's that 66% jump in commission working out for you now ++++ that 2.9%? Thievery

to Midcitiesdiva Orland Park, Illinois, United States #1295048

Pretty good actually. I just increase my price to make up for it and Tradesy seems to be offering more promotions counter it. I've sold a few high end goods on there that were not selling elsewhere.

Wolf Point, Montana, United States #1177454

As for other sites try the following: Bonanza, eCrater, addoway, webstore, amazon, craigslist, ebayclassifieds, facebook,, Kijiji,, Oodle, traderonline, Square,

Yahoo!smallbusiness, shopify, thredup,, Stuff 4 sale, traderonline,, bonanzle, GarageSale, u shop, marketplace on facebook, online

A-Z Collectbile classifieds,

For Specialized stores:, game pawn, The parts trader, performance parts trader, fashion auctions,

If you want more, just google "online auctions sites" or 20 best or top online market places.

Wolf Point, Montana, United States #1177448

Totally agree!!!! They have charged my account numerous times for the same returned item and then 4 months later still sent me only $9.10 instead of the $13.65 i was suppose to receive.

Liars and thieves. Save your money and fustrations, shop someplace else!


Tradesy made it very clear of all the % and fees that will be charged from you (varies depending on your payout option) when you make a listing (on bottom of the listing page near the submit listing button so you can't miss it). If you are not happen about the amount, then sell somewhere else.

They are a business; not a charity. No one forced to sell on Tradesy.


You have made me excited, what site offers less than 11.9% in fees and do they keep items that are returned if the buyer doesn't like it or it doesn't fit like Tradesy does?

I am really interested because I am ready to leave Tradesy and I desperately WANT to, but I haven't found a site offering better terms fees/return policy.

I do not know if you were being facetious but I do not consider Tradesy a "high-end" site, especially now. Avenue K was a high end site, it had lower fees, I was able to sell internationally quite easily-but they did not handle returns like Tradesy fortunately I only had 2, but they went out of business last year and in their bankruptcy filing were able to keep some of my earnings!! ThreadFlip wanted 20% but they went bankrupt in January and started an entirely different company with a new business model called Le Tote.

I may be mistaken but my understanding is that Poshmark takes 20% of a sale over $15.00 and $2.95 if less which is 29.50% on a $10.00 sale and the free shipping label only covers 2lbs so it doesn't sound competitive.

While PoshMark says returns are not allowed I have heard the SAME horror stories that surround Tradesy with regards to the honesty of sellers and that some buyers switch out fake purses for the real one they were sent or wear an item and then want to return these items as misrepresented. Since Tradesy now wants/invites actual companies to sell on the site and gives them special privileges it is harder to compete, especially since some of these companies have TENS OF THOUSANDS of listings.

Please let us know what site has better fees, I can't wait to leave Tradesy. Thank you !!

to Anonymous #1166303

Really well written and explained. I haven't found a cheaper place to sell either, does anyone know of one?

Tradesy has the worse customer service I have experienced and they really don't care as they don't want to be bothered. They just want sales so that is why they now let professional sellers on the site and have given them special privileges to increase their bottom line.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1282403

Try Bonanza. So far fees are competitive.

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