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I sold a Tiffany keychain and promptly mailed the item to the buyer. Apparently the buyer did not know Tiffany products (or simply changed their mind - sellers never know what the truth is) and returned my item.

At this point my item has now been off the market for 2 weeks and I'm not happy about it. Then Tradsey tells me that my keychain is not a real Tiffany product - EXCUSE ME - I was in the Tiffany store with my husband when he bought this for me.

I will NEVER do business with Tradsey - their policies are terrible and once you send your item to a buyer, you are risking they will change their mind AND you might not even get your original item back.

I've read many uphappy customer reviews who have said they didn't get back the same items that they send. BAD BAD BAD EXPERIENCE - WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

Reason of review: POOR POLICIES.

I didn't like: Seller is not protected, Incorrect authentication.

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Tradesy = Sellers Beware - Similar to other's I sold an authentic Tory Burch hat on this site. The Buyer received the hat and decided to return it because of "imperfections" in the hat.

I should note that this was a brand new hat with tags!!! I had to contact Tradesy (after being without my merchandise for TWO Weeks) to find out the status of the item and/or when I could expect to receive the proceeds from my sale. This is when I was informed that the hat was returned and I had to wait another 5-7 days before I could get either my merchandise or credit for the item. The item was returned to me yesterday and my brand new hat was received back with dirt stains, imperfections, and it looked like someone worn the hat (some of the dirt could have been attributed to all of the handling of the hat).

We I emailed to complain, first the customer service rep sent me an email about the wrong item! And then when I complained about the condition of the hate, I was told I could put it back on the site to re-sale or send it back to Tradesy for a full credit of the asking price!!! This would mean that I would have to ship the item out yet an (presumably on my dime!) Unbelievable customer service!!! If you are going to sale on this site, take lots of pictures, because it's you word against the buyer or better yet avoid this site all together a sell on Posh Mark instead.

I have sold numerous high-end items on PM and have never-ever experience this kind of treatment.

Lesson learned... I'm closing down my site today and moving my items back to PM.


I just experienced this issue with them as well. I sold a NWT item last month.

The customer returned the item to Tradesy as "misrepresented". However, they obviously did not bother to review my listing where I clearly stated that the item was BLACK, nor did they attempt to follow-up with me. I was unaware until Tradesy deducted that amount from my next sale. Fortunately for me I discovered this issue when I did.

While I had prepared the package for pick-up and shipment and provided Tradesy with the tracking number, thus completing the sale, it was still in my possession as it had not yet been picked-up by the carrier. There is absolutely no way I will ever take a loss of money and merchandise.

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