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I sold a bag and posted 12 pictures of the bag. The website permits a maximum of 12 pictures.

I stated that the bag was a vintage with wear and tear. The buyer purchased the bag within 2 hours of my listing being posted and asked absolutely no questions. The buyer, after receiving the bag, asked me further questions and then claimed that I misrepresented the bag. However, there were no misrepresentations given that I completely disclosed the age of the bag and its condition.

Without asking me further questions, Tradesy sided with the buyer. When I received the bag back from Tradesy, I not only was missing accessories sent with the bag but the bag also had some white powder inside with a perfume-y smell. That was not the condition that was sent. Throughout the process, Tradesy was terrible at assisting me and responding with my complaints.

They essentially don't care about their sellers and were trying to avoid having to hand over the funds for the sale of the bag.

I refuse to sell any more bags on Tradesy. I already sold $8,000+ worth of merchandise on there but after having this horrible experience, I refuse to deal with their horrible customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same issue here. I like to give buyers little incentives and extra goodies in the boxes I send out, but even if I send out a BRAND NEW piece of merchandise, the Tradesy people will always side with the buyer.

Never fails. Like you, I got my stuff back and it smelled bad, and I have to figure out how to clean it again so I can relist. Tradsey always says it's the seller's fault.

The buyers don't return the extra goodies,or the parts they took off for themselves to keep, even if you have posted pictures. It's true, the answers you get from Tradesy are clearly being read from a script, what do you think about posting things on Etsy?


Customer service will be Tradesy's downfall. The staff are clearly untrained in dealing with the public on the phone, and their emails are composed of nonsensical canned paragraphs barely touching on the subject matter, if at all, thus requiring a phone call.

I think whatever training they do have includes various ways to say "no" over and over especially to sellers.

I have been extremely successful selling on Tradesy and also very fortunate to have very little dealing with customer service, but when I do it's an exasperating experience usually requiring multiple phone calls. But other sellers & buyers write to me all the time and clearly from this board the instances of ineptitude are wide spread.

to Anonymous #1013122

UN-real. I had a buyer who purchased an Alexander McQueen scarf of mine, returned it (because the buyers think it's a free for all) and claimed it was not authentic.

I ASSURE you, it was.

They claim Tradesy 'experts' had examined the item and they concluded that my item was not authentic, yada yada yada.

This site is 100% buyer biased, and sellers have absolutely no recourse. We are not given the option to provide a receipt or whatever it takes to prove the buyer wrong, we just keep getting our own merchandise returned.

Buyers have also been very verbally abusive to me over a 20 dollar item, for example. Tradesy staff looked into it, wouldn't refund my money but hey, here's another 10 dollars in your account to make up for it.

I do not want store credit. On e-bay, I think, you get a bit more time to return things, or you can open a dispute before they yank your money out of your checking account, taking their 9% cut..


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