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Never had i encountered this type of situation. Paypal account broken into, credit card compay notified stolen, and unauthorized charges. From Tradsey customer service. Oh you have to pay for it all sales final if you dispute the charge we suspend your account. Well you know what i'm not paying for stolen charges, never heard of such a thing. I did them a favor and closed my own account. Had to post this because it's just simply ridiculous.

The real kicker is that i made every attempt to notify them 3x in fact. I got a paypal receipt via email and i wrote to the seller at 2AM stating my account was broken into please cancel the order. Then they went ahead confirming the sale at 11AM the next day claiming they already shipped my package before i sent 2AM message for an order placed at 1:30AM (right...) but had no tracking number. I notified Tradesy to help them keep their merchandise and money their response "all sales final even if your card is stolen you must be sure before making the purchase".."umm except i didn't make the purchase."If you dispute we close your account." So honestly I don't care anymore this is quite hilarious please send the package anyway. I tried to be a good samaritan 3x. Loose the money merchandise whatever to whoever stole my card.What is so great about this company that they should bully me into paying for something that was stolen. Oh you are going to close my account what shall I ever do? Seriously I'm totally disgusted by this company.

In my opinion you couldn't be more crooked to try to force a sale when you are notified about a stolen card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Account.

Reason of review: You are criminal .

Preferred solution: Let consumers know not to shop here. .

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