i have tried purchasing from this website AT LEAST four times. In all cases, the sellers were slow (compared to most on eBay) to confirm purchases and even slower to ship.

Most do not process, let alone confirm purchases on the weekend, starting on Fridays. In addition, it has been my experience already that sellers flat out lie. For example, I purchased a pair of shoes. For 5 days the seller kept telling me "I'll check with the post office", "I shipped these already", etc.

and buyers must wait a certain period (10 days, I believe) before they can cancel purchase and another 5-7 before you see your money returned!!! They were NEVER shipped. Reason? They were sold at a higher price elsewhere is my suspicion.

Also, it takes at least 10 days to get access to your $$ when you sell. And more if you are transferring to your bank account. (Depending on your bank, not Tradesy) You might be able to keep a few more dollars when selling but it's not worth the wait, flakes or hassle. Also, customer service reps are unprofessional, defensive, and inexperienced.

Bottom line: No ratings provide an open venue for FLAKES on both buying and selling. This is just one notch above the crowd from Craigslist.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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