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I know it's tempting cause the pricing looks so good and we get sucked in to press PAY. TRUST ME don't do it. Buy from Fashionphile instead.

Tradesy return policy encourages fake/unauthentic merchandise to be sold on the site, by only offering Buyers Tradesy Credit and not refunding Buyers full refund.

Purchased this Bag - Chloé Marcie Animation Black Tote Bag

Item #14618536 FROM SELLER JC CLOSET Jacquie Cao. I had a bad feeling the minute I pressed Pay. The box came with Asian/Chinese writing on the box I thought oh oh not good so far.. The stitching and Quality is definitely a fake. I own 2 other Authentic Chloe's so I immediately compared my bags to this. I requested an RMA and returned to Tradesy within the next day. Mandy M in their returns dept refuses to give me 100% full refund as it states in their website. They keep insisting it's real and only offer Tradesy Credit. Well guess what Tradesy I am not interested in ever buying from you again why would I want a credit. This type of business practice Trust Me you will not be in business for long. Another warning sign, Tradesy does not have Ratings/Reviews for their sellers. Tradesy return policy encourages fake/unauthentic merchandise to be sold on the site, by only offering Buyers Tradesy Credit and not refunding Buyers full refund. I used AMEX to buy so have already filed a dispute to get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chloe Animation Handbag.

Reason of review: FAKE.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

I didn't like: Works with sellers who sell fakes.

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I am glad you paid with your credit card !!!! The type of seller you bought from and the many like her/him have ruined Tradesy as buyers stay away from the honest sellers as well.

I had 2 great years selling no returns for any reason and many repeat customers now these buyers tell me they are afraid from buying from anyone else, I don't sell designer and everything is new with tags so I that is probably why I have had no issues. But I know all the horror stories in fact I bought a fake as well but it was not high end (kate spade) I was able to prove to them it was a fake and dared the to challenge me as there staff can not tell a real from a fake even if one has a sign posted on it saying 'fake'. So I tell everyone NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE buy any EXPENSIVE item on Tradesy unless you are willing to gamble because you have no idea what will arrive in the mail and Tradesy very very rarely cares when you want to return it for $$$ they will give a site credit but they hate to part with the $$$. and NEVER BUY AN EXPENSIVE ITEM FROM a TRADESY CLOSET..Tradesy sells returns under seller names: Penny Lane,Strawberry Fields and others.

There are a lot of sellers who are honest but when you are buying an expensive item you don't know who to trust so why risk it ? Just my opinion.

to Anonymous #1159000

I agree with you that Tradesy used to be great, and I had two great years as well. No problems with my authentic Louis Vuittons, and other designer items.

It all started going bad when they started importing from Ebay. Now they not only have all the sellers of fakes, but duplicates of the exact same thing, and their Ebay import sellers have 1000s of listings. Therefore, people like yourself and I, will never be able to sell our AUTHENTIC pre-owned Louis Vuittons because we are on page 78,000, and ours will never be seen. There are a lot of good things about Tradesy, probably more good then bad, and I find their customer service, Brandon, Patrick, Kristen R, to be tops, have always helped me with very professional tactics, and always been more then fair.

I think they had no idea what would happen when they started importing from Ebay, we all know what happened to Bonanza when they did that. Duplicates of same thing by same seller, on pre-owned, and now the site is fully saturated. It is a shame, and I really hope they stop the Ebay imports, sellers can list like the rest of us, it does not take long at all to put up a listing, but at least there will just be one of that item, not 5, and that is the reason so many people who have bought, are cancelled, as the sellers can not keep up with all the duplicate listings on 1000s of items. I still love Tradesy and hope they get back to the way they began, with a great reputation, and good for buyers and sellers.

It was, YOUR CLOSET IS A GOLDMINE, but now it is all retail, catalogue and Ebay imports.

If you have a Lilly Pulitzer dress in really nice condition, sell it on Ebay, as it will never be seen on Tradesy, someone seems to have a monopoly on Lilly Pulitzers and mine are on page 4000, so of course would never be seen, let alone bought. I am so sorry to see this change, but maybe things will get better and they will get rid of the Ebay imports, at least the big retailers they have, you know they will be authentic.


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