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Dear Tradesy, I sold a Jackie O Gucci bag to one of your buyer & she claimed it’s not authentic. Not only you agree with her that it’s not authentic but you allowed this buyer to steal my dust bug, copy of my Neiman Marcus receipt & my Neiman Marcus bag & she trash my bag but you did not reply to several of my emails or phone calls demanding the statement the Jackie O Gucci bag that I bought is not authentic so I can take it to Neiman Marcus to get it examined. I’ve been long time client of Neiman Marcus & not once I will believe that this Jackie O Gucci bag they sold me is a counterfeit.

You're so twisted up in your own dishonesty that you allow fake high end items sold to your buyer but you claimed authentic items are fake. You also need to fire your luxury/high end evaluator because he/she is so incompetent; I don’t think he/she knows luxury items like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel & Hermes. You’re business might collapse if you have incompetent employees & worst customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Austin, Texas, United States #942290

I'm going through the same thing with Tradesy right now. Sold an authentic LV white multicolor with box, tags, dustbag, everything.

Sales was closed over 2 weeks ago, even after escrow period buyer didn't have any issue. Today I received an email from tradesy saying they refunded the buyer and concluded my wallet is fake. I called them and they told me to reply to their email which I did, only to find out when I tried to log into my account that it has been suspended. Called them again and the person I talked to was very rude.

I'm still baffled that their authentication expert can claim my wallet is fake when anyone who knows LV can look and know. Sighs now I'm worried about what I will get back in the mail and there is no recourse for me, they have already taken the money back and I might get back a damaged wallet (which was in mint/new condition when I sent) or even a fake one back.

So disappointed in tradesy. :(

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #942160

Im going through a very similar situation. Sold a michael kors watch, straight from a reputable New York wholesaler, the "Brands Manager" who knows nothing about authenticating an item, said it was a fake.

I provided solid proof it was authentic and yet they continue to claim its fake. So I insisted to send it to Michael Kors for authentication.

They are avoiding doing that at all costs. I am filing complaints with every single authority possible, this needs to get investigated as its fraudulent.


I totally agree with you.The person that does all the authenticating has no Knowledge whatsoever .She only assumes the bag is either fake or real.I sold an authentic tory burch bag Nwt and it was sent back because the buyer thought it was fake.After tradesey team examine the bag she said I sold a fake.One mistake I made was I used a stocked photo from online for one of my main photo and the bag was Probaly a diffrent model with 2leather tassels and the bag I was selling only had one.So the buyer said I sold him a knockoff because of my main stock photo.I didn't relize I made the mistake until tradesey sent me the photo.But then it was too late.Im just saying if she was a professional authenticator she would know the difference


Dear Tradesy, I finally decided to go ahead & clean my Gucci bag; guess what else I found in my Gucci bag; your buyer’s sunglasses & 2 packs of gums & yet you insisted that your buyer did not use my Gucci bag. Not only your Brands department are incompetent but your returns department so incompetent that they did not inspect the bag at all & you offer me $100 for my damages. I’m afraid you can never make this right but I no longer want to do business with your compony let alone associated with you.

to BH #1001822

I am going through a similar thing right now, I have sold over 40 designer items and all my customers even write back to thank me. I sold a chanel bag last week and even paid overnight shipping to the buyer, she sent me an email today that the bag is fake, the bag came with everything and is 100% authentic. She has contacted tradesy apparently and I heard if tradesy agree with the customer they will suspend my account, what can I do, I am so confused right now.

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