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More than once had to file misrepresantation claims only to recieve site credit to buy more of their garbage! I made 16 purchases,had to resell and consign now 7.

Had two bad sellers confirm and not ship. Been harrassed and bullied to buy in my messages. Been called names by a seller who never confirmed my sale so i called tradesy for a refund so the seller got mad and started name calling and non stop harrassing messages. Last two purchases before i close my account because im still waiting for item to ship and the seller claims its raining,she is having boyfriend issues,its too expensive to ship to me and the best one yet is her head aint on today to ship to waiting 5 days and emailed tradesy about this and i want a refund so i can close my account because i have been through enough of drama on this sham of a site.

Tradesy or the seller wont contact me but my funds are frozen on a item the seller cant ship because obviously she is incompetant. Today i recieve a handbag charm nothing like what i expected,in the photo there is no size. Its smaller than my pinky finger put it on one of my bags and you can barely notice it plus it has tons of scratches it was $40 but is probably only worrh $5! Looks like something out of a bubblegum machine!

I finally had it with this company! The sellers are accounts with tradesy and its a big CLIQUE! Most sellers are working fir the conpany and aint independants! I also noticed tons of obvious fake bags and dirty thrift garments as well as tj maxx and marshalls items but didnt get suckered in!Nothing but stress and headaches in only a few months i been on this shame of a site.

Best one i order silver earrings the seller sends me gold in a dirty broken box with used up and ripped wrapping more,i order what looks like red sandals only to recieve dark orange sandals after i messaged the seller to ask what exact color they were before purchase she claimed fire engine red so i took her word and baught them only to recieve ugly orange sandals because of her desprete attempt to make a sale. Site credit once again! Watch out people,dont buy from this site! The sellers are like a flock of seagulls on here!

All desprete and angry and out of the loop fashion wanna be's! Knock off city! Buyer beware and stay away! Only site credit even when your right so you get sucked in to buy more junk!


the site and sellers should be under fraud and white collar crime investigation for scam,selling black market replicas and defrauding innocent people and thier hard earned money! A CLASS ACTION SUIT IS WHAT THIS COMPANY NEEDS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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New Hartford, New York, United States #1310335

It is legal to call your New York States Attorney General Office. It is located in your local State Office Building.

The office will mail you a very very short complaint form. It does work. The office will call you back several times. They are on your side.

This is what dishonest retailers need to be taught a lesson.

Check to see if N Y S turns into the better business bureau, or you can. Good Luck Jack

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