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I sold a pair of shoes on Tradesy. When I signed up to sell, the website clearly stated that I could be sent a free "shipping kit".

Sadly, the envelope they sent me would not hold a standard size shoe box. I phoned Tradesy and was told they did not have larger envelopes. The envelope they sent me was 17" x 10". Please....

don't advertise you will send sellers a free "shipping kit" when the best you can do is a 17" x 10" envelope. What if I were selling boots? Or a shoe larger than 7.5??? My size shoes barely fit in the envelope.

And I chose the "medium size" shipping kit when I filled out my box size online - not only did the size box I specified not fit in the envelope, they didn't even have a larger envelope.

I realize this is a new site, however lying on your website about what you offer sellers is a great way to lose a seller - ME, I will never sell on Tradesy again.

And my shoes sold in less than a week for over $100, so obviously I have good product to sell. So long Tradesy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This site is sure deceptive on their shipping policy. It advertises "free shipping" for the buyer and seller when it's not the case.

The price charged to buyer includes a shipping fee that the seller has to pay to Tradesy if the seller chooses to have Tradesy generate a shipping label. Otherwise, seller could choose to charge the buyer a shipping fee (also built into the price) and ship the item at the seller's cost.


Have any of you tried Poshmark? What are the pros/cons of it compared to Tradesy?

to Skeptical of Selling Online #1130610

I just started postmark so far so good. Pros you never actually have to pay fees or shipping, instead you just have a 20% fee deducted from your profit.

So if you sell something for $25 it goes into your balance as $20 and that is it you never have to worry about paying fees or shipping. They automatically send you a label good up to 5lb. But some of the people on their are serious wackos.

It gets tiring and annoying dealing with the buyers. A lot of lowballers, sob stories, high school drama type.

Seattle, Washington, United States #884077

The same thing happenned to me when I had to mail out the boots. I just wrapped up the box and cut the postage sticker that was on the envelope they provided and taped it to my mailing box.

Buyer got their item and I got my money.

Pensacola, Florida, United States #875106

Who generates the shipping labels? I have sold items on Tradesy and the envelopes take forever to get to my house. So, again, where do the mailers come from?

Syracuse, New York, United States #874746

I was thinking about to sell my coach purse but I have a question. Do u receive the money first from Tradesy????

to Betty Pensacola, Florida, United States #875108


You receive money in your account once Tradesy can confirm your product was mailed. They issue a tracking number that both you and Tradesy can keep track of the package.

to Kathi Pensacola, Florida, United States #877483

UPDATE: you used to get paid once Tradesy confirmed with the post office the item shipped. I just sold a Coach bag and was told I'd get paid four days after the item was delivered. What's up with that?

to Betty #879991

Hi Betty,

Looks like no one has answered you. You're notified when some has purchased your item.

You package it and send it yourself (use USPS it's the least expensive).

You enter the tracking number on your site next to the product. When the buyer receives your item (the USPS scans the package), you get paid.

Hope this helps.


they take so long to arrived & the buyers are complaining

to BH #876957

I just ship my own items with my own shipping supplies with carrier pickup from my home..Best way to avoid delays..

to Sharon #932919

To Sharon, While I agree that using your own supplies and buying your own postage is the quickest way to send out your items, however I think it is extremely unfair that Tradesy will take their 9% commission on whatever you charge for shipping and if you want to withdraw your money another 2.9%. Plus shipping supplies add up.

Regarding the 2.9%, initially Tradesy said the 2.9% was what PayPal charged to handle the transaction, however that was NOT true. I asked PayPal to detail their charges and it was less than HALF of what Tradesy charged me, I have lost over $400 because they lied about what PayPal charged.

I think sellers must have complained because now I notice now they do not call it a PayPal fee, but a "Safe Transfer Fee", unfortunately they still charge 2.9%. I sell on another site that takes a 10% commission but they do charge me anything to send my earnings.

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