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The ease of use for a seller is really clean and user friendly. However, they need to allow the ability to duplicate listings.

You have to create from scratch even if you are just adding a different size. Very inconvenient. It is also strange how they arrive at the title for your listing based on the facts you input. All in all, very pleased with selling here.

If something goes wrong, they almost immediately refund the buyer's money, as opposed to etsy. Have totally loved buying on etsy, but their customer service is atrocious. I bought something, made a payment and several weeks later, even though it was obvious the seller was oblivious to the fact they had even made the sale, I finally got my money refunded.

Trust me, neither eBay or tradesy operate that way. Give it a try - we've had several sales!

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Ease of use in selling.

I didn't like: Survey too long.

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I agree with a lot of what you say. I too find listing an item easy, unfortunately, they recently changed the process and NONE of the changes have added value.

Why do we have to go through an extra step and enter what type of item we want to sell, all that does is bring up listings that can not be used as the only info that carries over is basically the designer's name, no pictures no description even though you may want to copy everything so you can create a duplicate listing that you were mentioning. Why do we now have to input the pictures on the bottom, when we were so used to inputting them at the top, what was the purpose for that change? In my opinion they USED to refund the seller/buyer quickly, but that is no longer the case. They fight every return they possibly can so are not responsible for reselling the item.

I had one buyer return an item for 2 reasons one was that the little jewelry pouch was a "fake". Seriously, Tradesy was accepting that as a reason, the other reason was unsubstantiated as I had the receipt for the item from a major retailer and I sent them to the website, plus others to compare what I was selling!! They dropped that reason but persisted on the pouch. It took me days and several emails to prove the buyer was wrong.

Interestingly enough that same buyer bought another item from me a week later and since it was the same designer I sent the same pouch. But this time she did not ask for a refund. She obviously just changed her mind on the 1st item after the 4 day limit and wanted another item I was selling. The only way she could get her refund after the 4 days was to claim that the 1st was a fake.

I asked Tradesy that didn't they think it was odd that this buyer would purchase from me a week later if she thought I sold fakes. Tradesy of course did not respond and I of course was not surprised. I personally think after years of dealing with their customer service reps that they are rude and non-responsive to direct questions. I think they have quota of emails they must do per day and they also hope that can make it so difficult for us that we will give up.

All that being said I have been very successful on Tradesy and have found it to be much better than ThreadFlip or Avenue K.

I have not sold on the other sites you mentioned. I only sell on Tradesy now.

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