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I tried numerous times to contact Tradesy on November 13, 2015, no reply via msg/email center. I tried to call several times the hold times where unreal and no one ever answered.

So b4 I did my research I purchased a very expensive bag, they immediately charged my account only because I checked. They never notified me! I changed my mind and again tried calling and sending msgs! Nothing....

Now it's in disputes & claims Dept with my PP account, they just today replied that "sorry" but you cannot cancel! Via email. They stayed once seller sends me the item I have 4 Days to return for a site credit. Horrible buisness!

This was my first purchase ever from a consignment site. I'm so upset with this company, so unprofessional & no communication. 1,138 later there still going to ship the item? Please never shop online with Tradesy.

Read the reviews prior as I should have!! But never thought it would escalade to to me having to involve my attorney. After spending 24 plus hours reading the reviews I'm sick to my stomach & again should've done more research prior. But I will not allow them to scam me even if it costs me more.

This site needs to be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY... So many others do not become victims with Tradesy

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Handbag.

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Hi there. I can understand you are frustrated, but actually Tradesy makes it clear once you commit to buying - you commit.

You can change your mind on keeping your purchase for any reason but you get site credit (Unless the item was misrepresented in some way in which they will offer you a refund). Its pretty clear on their sites and while I can understand you are angry, its their clearly posted policy. What you experienced is Buyers Remorse and while your Attorney is free to assist you with this matter, at the end of the day, Tradesy's policy is clear.

They are actually a really great company. Good luck to you


Resolved and received refund


By the way after I sent several messenger to cancel as they already billed me! Vanessa N The seller asked that I not harass her?

Harrass her. I was told by PayPal to contact both the seller and Tradesy. And said if I contact her again she will have a restraining order placed against me... Wow is all I can say about this horrific excited with Tradesy as well as seller.

What is she referring to when she says harassment?! Just doing what I was told as the seller should be contacted Vic versa! I never received any NOTHING regarding a confirmation from either, I just checked Tradesy & PayPal to see what was going on! Any seller or website that's selling should reply etc and have some sort of communication!

Nothing.. Except an Email as stated above that item cannot be cancelled but not even shipped?!!!! I've read all 258 reviews.. Scary what they do to people!

but not only am I going thru BBB this site, I will go on the media ABC new, Fox , nbc... Along with My Attorney. This is Not 50 dollars! $1,138.00.

I take blame for not researching as I have never purchased high quality items online, my bad. But as a consumer I read and still reading. I didn't know there was a law or cancel policy?! they billed me once again when Tradesy site at that time had not even spoke to Vanessa N the seller!

I cancelled ( or tried ) not even 12 hrs! They still processed and never replied to me. Only reply was from Tradesy was no refunds if I do feel the item is authentic etc. Send back within 4 days only for credit site!!!!

As well as Vanessa N's msg on Tradesy's site for me not to harass her!!! What a joke, still in awww , as an adult women to go thru this. But I will continue because sites like this or sellers should not be able to this, we are not in a 3rd world County. We have rights!

Thank goodness I have one of the best brothers who is one of the best attorneys! No matter what the outcome. I will have this site broafcasted via every social media! News!

Anything and everything. Thank god I copied all my messages to Tradesy as once you send there gone. Not surprised, as for the sellers I copied and pasted everything!!!! From the start.

So at least I have my proof, I don't know the outcome?! But I'll keep you posted as you may see it on the news and media sites as well. Sorry for such long comments! I am just out to help others as well as closing down sutures like this.

Grrrr still pissed at myself for ordered..

I should've just went to Saks and purchased my item... Ok ive said enough & you will definitely be hearing about this!

to Anonymous #1066980

Wow, thanx for this.. I was unsure but now I will definitely not shop here. Good luck):

to Anonymous #1074874

i will cancel any purchases that the buyer request as long as it's before I pay for shipping and ship the item. Once it's shipped there is nothing I can do.

Please read below.

"Cancellation: Within 10 Days (Order is confirmed)

If you want to cancel an order within 10 days and your seller has confirmed the order, it is solely up to the seller to cancel the order. Tradesy is unable to cancel an order until after 10 days of the purchase date.

If your seller has confirmed your order, we recommend that you contact them directly, as only they can cancel the order at their sole discretion. In some cases, if your seller confirmed your order but did not add tracking to your shipment then the order will get canceled.

You can contact them directly from Your Purchases page - locate the item you wish to cancel and click Contact Seller in the bottom-right corner of the info box. "

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