There are a lot of GOOD things on Tradesy as well, but you do not see them on here. I for one have had very few problems, selling or buying and the one I did have, Tradesy took care of me, I did not feel a buyer could return a Louis Vuitton after altering it by polishing and cleaning something without LV products, I spoke my mind, and within minutes Tradesy refunded me and will resell the authentic bag.

They have been more then fair in many circumstances, and if you feel you have been wronged, ask for Brandon, he is head of complaint department and has never let me down. The biggest problem with Tradesy is they import from Ebay now and that is where the fakes come in, not to mention there will be 8 duplicate listings of the exact same item, same size, same seller, when the seller actually only has one. The search is messed up because of this, and people can not find what they are looking for using key words or brands. You look for a pair of Gucci shoes, and you are shown all kinds of purses or other brand shoes.

But as far as them being dishonest, I must disagree fully.

They have been good to me, and though not many sales anymore, because people can not see my listings due to Ebay imports and catalogue, liked it much better when it was a "YOUR CLOSET IS WORTH A GOLD MINE", without the Ebay imports and big box catalogue sales. Just my 2 cents, but I strongly recommend Tradesy and will continue to buy and sell on the site.

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And I assume you are new to Tradesy, correct, or only recently started using it?


I agree. TrAdesy has been easy to use as both a buyer and seller.

Also agree it was nice before all of the imports started.

It is harder to sell now. Wish TrAdesy would go back to the original concept.

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