Tradesy is a great overall concept and makes it easy to list items for sale, but you will not get any significant views (and therefore, sales) unless you refer lots of friends and family to the site through e-mails, Facebook, etc.

It is essentially a referral marketing firm. If you don't bring your personal contacts to the site you won't have your listings "loved", and therefore featured prominently for sale.

Items are not listed for potential buyers based on a basic search, but rather on popularity. "Loves" are generally achieved by you personally referring people to your items for sale and therefore to the Tradesy site.

There is nothing wrong with this business model as long as it is clearly stated up front on the site and in their marketing, which is isn't. Don't waste your time uploading items for sale unless you are also ready to enlist your personal contacts.

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I understand where you are coming from, I really do. I just wanted to say I have referred no one to this site, because I did not want to bother my friends with the ENDLESS daily emails they would receive thus harming our friendship.

I started out with a few items and it took me about 6 weeks to sell the first one, my 2nd sale was about 5 weeks after that. As time went on my sales started to pick up, especially around Christmas. It takes awhile to get established but it does happen. I currently have over 500 sales, but I have been here for 2 years and I have lots of items for sale.

I saw one seller recently who has over 1000 sales, and only sells used LV purses, also I have seen many more sellers with hundreds of sales. Everything I sell is brand new with all tags attached so that probably makes a difference.

The summer months are always slow for me because people go on vacation. I usually sell about 35 items a month, but so far this month I only have 10 sales.

to Anonymous #1012255

Thank you for your thoughtful input.

In fairness, I didn't give it nearly that much time. I felt a bit

misled when I did a basic search for an item that was similar to one I had listed and my listing didn't pull-up.

When I contacted Tradesy to find-out what was happening (I thought that I had perhaps input something wrong in my listing), the referral marketing aspect to the site was revealed.

Just not what I signed-up for...they really need to clarify the basic rules of selling on the site up front.

Again, thank you for sharing your experience. I want to be fair.

to Anonymous #1012648

Your welcome. Believe me I have a list of MANY things I HATE about Tradesy.

And the constant pop up to refer a friend is one of them. They are trying to show their investors that the number of users is increasing at a steady rate, but who cares if they don't buy anything !! One thing I did notice when some of my listings weren't showing up is that when you start typing in the name of the designer you must click on the name from the pull down menu that appears, you can't type the whole name in yourself, if you do they won't include it in your listings. I found out the hard way.

If the designer is not in the list they call it "other" and that's where in will show up in your closet. Hope that helps, and as you can see from this board you are definitely not alone in criticizing Tradesy, join the club !

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