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After selling an expensive pair of designer boots valued at $1300 for their "SUGGESTED SELL" price of $425 (they put them on a holiday sale and FURTHER reduced the price by an additional 10%!!! Leaving me earning a measly $380...less their 10% commission off the top including YOUR shipping fee, which ended up costing me what I quoted and then some!!!

Further decreasing my earnings!! To add insult to injury, when my funds were available 2 weeks later, I find out that I am assessed another 2.9% fee to get my money!!! As an ACH transfer to my bank account, which costs them NOTHING!!

Got hit for another $12!!! Use ebay instead!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have been a seller on Tradesy for over 3 yrs and I can not believe what it has turned into. Their disregard and unfair treatment of sellers who are not "business" members is bordering on illegal;I am selling off my inventory as fast as I can.

There is no love lost between Tradesy and myself & I would never defend their actions however,if you sell there read the terms. Their fees are stated very clearly on the site,granted they are OUTRAGEOUS for what you get:14.9% commission plus 2.9% if you withdraw your money,a total of 17.8%!!! They can not reduce the price of your item and reduce your earnings without your permission. In your profile you can OPT IN to LET Tradesy mark your items down either 5,10 or 15%.

Unfortunately you lose control of what items go on sale and when.Tradesy picks the items and they don't tell you when the sale is,which is what happened to you. The 1st thing I do each day is check my closet and remove any item they put on sale that I do not want reduced.

When they start these sales at midnight I am out of luck and many times items sell at a price that I wouldn't normally accept,but I opted in so I can't complain. Of course if I was a Business member I wouldn't have this problem or others but since I dont sell high end designers they can treat me like dirt :( and they do.


I agree. Im embarrassed to tell you how much money I have spent at Tradsey.

I requested brand new shoes which were Prada etc and to have them with scuffs and holes in the shoes. There were quite alot of them that were knock offs. .

I was able to watch a video of their staff and their service reps rather play on the computer or go to the beach (they are in CA across from the beach) The service reps are rude and will hang up on you. DON'T BUY OR SELL FROM THIS COMPANY

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