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Notice of Tradesy being in investigated for violation of Federal law

Dear Penny,

Its me again; Andre Setyon. For the record you are still holding thousands of dollars that I earned through sales on Tradesy. Secondly, you are still holding my intellectual property as well as personal property. The items you said were returned because they were alleged fakes. I can with certainty tell you that I can prove that at least one of the items that you purchased was not. "I have an invoice from tiffany's with it listed. It's the 3rd one down and references the original invoice #. It was purchased through tiffany.com."

There's more. We have proof that you Penny have some sold counterfeit products. YOU are in serious violation of the law. Many laws in fact. See the agency. below that our legal representation will file with. I say our because we will be opening a class action lawsuit shortly.

Lastly, under my First Amendment rights, we will be spending thousands of dollars on ads exposing you and directing people to ethical sites. There are many.

If you'd like to discuss as fair and reasonable settlement that would avoid costly litigation, kindly let me know. Otherwise, we have no other recourse.


Andre Setyon

cc Tracy Denunzio CEO Tradesys, inc.

Brett Cana, Esq.

Here's just a small sampling of some complaints against you:

"I am sorry I did not check reviews before we purchased a Louis Vuitton handbag from Tradesy.My husband, who by no means is a purse expert, was the first one to open the box when we received it and he knew instantly it was a fake.

He took the bag to Saks and they confirmed. He returned within a day and Tradesy responded that they had their "authentication" team confirm it was real Louis Vuitton. HA! We are currently trying to get our money back.

Yesterday, we contacted a lawyer about our options, contacted a friend who is a well respected SEO to help us launch an intense internet campaign against this company, and this morning I am contacting the city in which the package was sent from police department(the seller put her name and address on the package, so we lucked out there) to alert them. Usually fake handbags are a huge ring. This fight isn't over yet.

Next time I will just wait a couple extra months and just buy from the real thing.Please don't use the same mistake we did...never buy from Tradesy!!!"

"I MADE OVER $4,239.00 In sales during black friday and i tried to log into my account to confirm purchases and ship out items , as soon as i tried to log in my account i noticed it was suspended , i contacted tradesy for over a week and i received no response , i was a excellent seller and i followed all the guidelines , i dont understand what i did wrong ! i had over $2500 sitting in my tradesy account waiting to be transfered to my checking on top of the $4,239.00 i made ! This site is absolutely rigged and someone needs to do something about it asap , I actually thought about filing a police report considering they do have a tradesy office in santa monica , hopefully someone can investigate them."

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

(link is external)The Federal Bureau of Investigation(link is external)(FBI) investigates criminal counterfeiting, piracy, and other federal crimes. You can report suspicions concerning the manufacture or sale of counterfeit or pirated goods to the FBI by contacting your local FBI Office and asking to speak with the Duty Complaint Agent. To obtain contact information for your local FBI office, you can call (202) 324-3000 or by visiting us here(link is external). If you suspect products for sale on the Internet are counterfeit or pirated, you can report your suspicions to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center via the Internet. An electronic complaint form is available here(link is external).

Intellectual property crime, such as copyright piracy, trademark counterfeiting, or Internet fraud, like any other crime, should be reported to appropriate law enforcement investigative authorities at the local, state, federal, or international levels, depending on the scope of the crime. Citizens or companies aware of federal crimes should report them to local offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI has offices throughout the United States. In general, federal crimes may be reported to the local FBI office by a telephone call and by requesting the “Duty Complaint Agent.”

Contact information regarding these local offices can be found at:

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Phone: (202) 324-3000

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Policies and procedures, How sellers are treated, Counterfeit items, Customer service.

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I too am interested in joining a class action lawsuit against them, its been 34 Days since my item sold and I still dont have a dime! It's also been 10 days since I transferred money and its still not here!

Tradesy has also allowed buyers to scam me on several Occasions where they ruined my merchandise on purpose and tradesy forced the ruined items back on me and went into my bank account without ever telling me or asking me and stole money back that I rightfully earned! I am ready to join any type of class action lawsuit anyone has started!

to Anonymous #1515399

I am also interested in joining a class action lawsuit against Tradesy. Please contact me at jc33t59@comcast.net

Clifton, New Jersey, United States #1182124

Tradesy is the most discriminatory site, I never had any issues and they suspended my and cancelled my purchase. I only sold a few items on there with no issues, no returns.

I have been a user since they started as a wedding dress service, over 5 years.

I have contacted the California district attorney and filed a complaint. They have there own inhouse assistant handling Tradesy and complaints against the owner Tracy

to Anonymous #1336122

Do you have any updates since going to your district attorney? Is their an open case against Tradsey.. I too was scammed by Tradsey and am looking to escalate or join any class action lawsuit they have


They scam me too. They closed my account.

I had 5000 and the only gave me 3200.

They did not send me my items back either. Robbers


I'm interested in joining a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT against Tradesy.com. How can we contact each other.

Please let me know.

to Anonymous Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1313358

I'm interested please contact me at Aa44hrn@hotmail.com


Fakes well i paid $400 for a fake coach so this is how they make there money how can we band together an shut them down so this does not happen to others thius was my 45 birthday gift to my self well my husband was a little pissed then when he fund out that it was a fake omg i cant believe this i am call the F.B.O.I to see what they have to say i still have they fake bag they said send it back an they will refund me but then they have the fake bag an i have nothing help me please have to send this back asap if i am going to thanks crazygirl

Austin, Texas, United States #942293

Same thing is happening to me. I sold an authentic and mint condition LV multicolor wallet clutch and tradesy emailed me today saying they decided it was fake and then I found out my account is suspended.

I have over $1300 in funds from sales in my account that I cannot access because account is suspended. Called tradesy and the rep was very rude and gave no real answers. Can I join your class action suit?

This company is a their!!

to Frustrated101 #1095373

EVERYBODY!!!! they ignore our emails!!!

Lets interfere in their business. If everyone calls them once a day everyday and takes 10-15 min of their time, but it has to be done everyday. They will hear us. Imagine!!!!

if so many people call your lines hours a day!!! let so it. Bother them. Talk as long as you can.

Say, repeat saying what you are saying here!!!! Dont sit and complain about their website..


Although it sucks that someone bought a "fake", now Tradesy has gone the other direction and allow buyers to return anything for any reason. It isn't fair to those of us that sell the real thing.

I've been on Tradesy for a year and have to admit I dont see fakes here, not like ebay or poshmark etc.

It stinks that you got taken but now you are ruining selling for the rest of us.

It also stinks that Tradesy doesn't have a disclaimer that says, "while we make every effort to ensure that all items are authentic and remove sellers who continually list replica items, the buyer is responsible for purchasing" after all....many of these items are up to 90% off what they would be new in the store. Also, as a buyer, look at the sellers history...if they have sold a bunch of items, it goes without saying, they must be ok otherwise they wouldnt still be there.


just stinks because now Tradesy is taking this out on ALL sellers.

to Anonymous Arlington, Virginia, United States #927922

Now I am worried, I sold 3 things totaling almost 5k, I just shipped them today. Funny thing is I looked at the address of whom bought it and it is tradesy headquarters so I hope it goes well.


i also have a class action lawsuit against tradesy! yay!

to Anonymous #942041

Hi, I am going through a false allegation dispute with them. What is your class action?

I wonder if I can join. Please contact me at ebsnl1980@gmail.com

to elenab Levittown, New York, United States #967003

Please contact me about the class action!

to elenab #1313137

I'm interested in a class action as well. Contact me at Aa44hrn@hotmail.com

to Anonymous Levittown, New York, United States #967002

I am starting a class action. Are you serious about already having a class action?

to Nic123 #978759

I am interested in joining your class action lawsuit as well.

I was sold a fake Chanel bag. I had it verified as a fake by a third party with the highest credentials. They refuse to give me my money back and are keeping the purse.

to Anonymous #1016000

What kind of lawyer did you go to. Any direction for a reputable lawyer in nyc

to Anonymous #1518685

I’m interested in joining class action. How do I contact you with my info?

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