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TRADESY is awesome! I love the way the website looks and it's so easy to use.

As a buyer, I've bought and returned stuff with no problems. There is so many things on there to buy! BTW, I'm not convinced all these negative reviews on here are "real" anyway because TRADESY is wayyyyy to easy on returns. And you can return anything at anytime!

There's no dealing with the sellers either, it's all TRADESY. I've never had to or wanted to talk with TRADESY I just "chatted" with them and it was done. I don't get all the negativity on here.

But...as with ANY review sites, you gotta take it with a grain of salt. Peace and Love!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tradesy Website.

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Tradesy stole my money as well I had a product listed as a final sale it was new with tags and the bride just decided she didn't want it after all I told her I apologize but it is a final sale she contacted tradesy and they took money out of my paypal account without my consent. My password at the time was the same email and password I used for tradesy big mistake then I changed my password they tried to login to my paypal to do this for another buyer a few months later and were unable to so they asked me to refund tradesy the amount since they had already refund the buyer.

I am pretty sure it is illegal for them to login to my paypal account and take my money because they knew my password I hope you win your lawsuit they are criminals.

Oh and it's funny that Brandon their "head csr" won't take phone calls. Scam!!!

New York, New York, United States #893256

TRADESY STOLE MY MONEY!!! I am going to SUE tradesy!!

to Anonymous #941217

I am going through a serious claim myself, they accused me of selling a fake watch and when it backfired because i provided solid proof of authenticity and I wouldn't back down, they gave me the money back while still holding on to the replica allegations. I demanded they sent it to michael kors for authentication, now they're avoiding my emails.

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