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I just started selling on tradesy and everything was OK until a customer that purchased a bag asked me for help selling on Tradesy. I thought why not help her, she asked me about pricing a gold ring.

I told her to send me a pic and the information and I give her my honest opinion. The MORONS take my closet down saying that I was selling outside their website. Hello!! can you read, if someone would have taken the time to read they would have notice that number 1 she already purchased the bag from me via their website and number 2- we were not talking about sales outside Tradesy.

I called an a nice gentleman reinstated my account later the account is taken down again the previous rep didn't like my evaluation and got pissy and took my account down. I had over $500 in escrow!! They did gave me my money but I don't trust them, you do not take an account down without explanation or email and your reps should stop sending those automated responses they are ANNOYING and only shows that you don't care that you do not take the time to resolve the issue.

At least Ebay will work with you and you can appeal decisions. Here is their way or the highway and PS it doesn't say that you can give your number to a buyer that already purchased!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Account reinstated and clarification of policies and procedures. I beleive maybe a warning but take the account down without listening to the other party is not good business practice..

I liked: Their fee, That you can split payments.

I didn't like: Policies and procedures, I phone ap is a hassle most times, Customer service dont read, How sellers are treated, Account suspension over a phone.

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Redwood City, California, United States #918876

I'm in the same boat as you and is very frustrating not knowing what happens to your money or your item. Their customer service and communication is sucks big time.



Could you tell me how you had them reinstate your account? I have sold close to $30k in high end bags with them for the last 3 months.

Recently there was a buyer who found my item on ebay but she wanted to try tradesy because they offer payment plan called affirm. The buyer applied for the first time and she got approved for $2100 but then the next day when she was ready to buy she only got $300. We chatted a bit and i agreed for her to make payment plans with me. After I gave her my info, my account got suspended.

I have $5000+ in escrow.

What should I do? Please help me.

to Nicki #903258

They didn't that's why I was so upset they thought I was ding a transaction outside their website - I wasn't . They were very rude with the exception of the guy that tried to help me- the account got reinstated for a few minutes!

Then it was down again. I got all my money even the amount in escrow. Just called them be nice but be prepared for them to be *** because when I called the second time they knew it was me and they way he answered! Wow rude rude!!

Good Luck

Just get your money back ! My don't think with that type of service they will be here long.

to Magie tradesy #903267

How did you sweet talk them to releasing your money? I want to sell again on their site.

Did you sell high end items? I am so disappointed.

I didnt know they would suspend my account like that. Thank you for your message :)

to Nicki #903284

Email me at mdnewsmiami at gmail I don't want to post it here LOL

to Nicki #903288

Say good buy they won't let you sell again that's what they told me. What I find annoying is that there is no common courtesy of telling you are suspended and you can't sign in to get your funds.

Fishy if you ask me they are trying to see if you forget so they can STEAL your $$. I have found quite a few bad reviews and all sounds too familiar- same issues across the border.

to Nicki Redwood City, California, United States #918878

Call then up and tell them you want to have your funds transfer. They might not reinstate your closet but they have to transfer your earning for you.

I really hate this site, they're horrible.

Hope this help. Good luck!

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